3 in a row! It’s a hat-trick!

This has already been an incredible week with awards for
The Marigold Chain and The Mesalliance audio.
But now, to complete the hat-trick (and in addition to its 5 star  Readers’ Favorite!)  THE  PARFIT  KNIGHT has earned a B.R.A.G. Medallion
B.R.A.G. Reviewer’s comment …

‘I’ve found a new favorite author! I really enjoyed this book. I loved Amberley and Rosalind. I also enjoyed seeing how the characters grew over the course of the book – especially Philip. I plan to read the rest of the series.’

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Author: Stella Riley


2 thoughts on “3 in a row! It’s a hat-trick!”

  1. I rarely do this because I prefer to keep a low profile on the Internet but I have felt obliged to respond to some of the sillier comments in the Amazon reviews (Black Madonna). I, hopefully, really really look forward to your final R&C novel. Your context is excellent and having spent the past several months reading 17th-century documents and correspondence, I understand entirely why any historical novelist uses a more modern form of dialogue.

    1. I’ve just been over to Amazon to see which Madonna reviews you meant – though I suspected that one of them might have been that written by Farah Mendlesohn. I couldn’t believe that one and had a feeling there might have been a bit of spite at work since she’d recently been all over FB as a self-proclaimed 17th expert. The other – bodice-ripper/soap opera one – I’d forgotten about. But I do thank you for taking the time and trouble to leave a comment, Nell. Authors can’t respond – no matter what reviewers say; it only stirs up more trouble. So I greatly appreciate it when a readers takes up the cudgels on my behalf. Thank you!

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