CADENZA is now available in print!

“Complex and deliciously different … Cadenza is a feast for the senses from the first page to the last.”                                                                             Rakes & Rascals

Cadenza is now available as a paperback – and Amazon have finally linked it to the e-book!

Amazon 5-star reviews …

“Brava! A standing ovation for Rockliffe Six!”

“Unique characters, a tightly knit plot, fabulous musical detail, humor and pathos make this a delight. I simply couldn’t put it down.”

“Stella Riley has surpassed herself with this wonderful story.”

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Author: Stella Riley


7 thoughts on “CADENZA is now available in print!”

  1. Just finished the book and I loved it. I have thoroughly enjoyed your links to the music that Julian played at his concert. The “Vertigo” was amazing!!! I’m really looking forward to the audiobook as well.

    1. Thank you, Nikki. Researching the musical background for Cadenza was a particular pleasure. Although I studied music at college, the works of Pancrace Royer were new to me and Vertigo was the first piece I heard – brilliantly played by Jean Rondeau, of whom I’m a huge fan. I’m delighted that you and a few other readers are also enjoying both a little-known composer and a young virtuoso – who has so much in common with Julian Langham that it still knocks me sideways!

    1. Nothing definite as yet, Carol. Since I saw Alex in September in LA, his work-life has been somewhat dictated by the dates (still unclear!) of a forthcoming film role. At present, he’s taking a well-earned holiday back in the UK for Christmas and, all being well, hopes to be able to record Cadenza in January … but can’t guarantee anything.

    1. There will indeed, Amanda, but Alex’s schedule has prevented him recording it yet. We are both hoping he can get it done in January. Meanwhile, he’s read the book – and loved it!

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