Dressing-up at HRR 2018

A lot of the fun at Historical Romance Retreat is dressing in period costumes for the various events.  Here are a few examples.

First of all, High Tea in the Parisian Ballroom …

Stella’s Historical Hussies Team Photo!  From left to right:-  Angelina, Beth, Carol, Me, Wendy, Jacquie, Luciana … and, of course, Terry!

Next, the Speakeasy … everybody Charlestoned the night away – until the raid! I’m here with Wendy Loveridge and Jacquie Tobin.

I wore my copy of the Parfit Knight cover gown several times – here it is on Gambling Night  – I’m with Beau Brummell

And at the Great Book Event …

And finally, the Grand Masquerade Ball – escorted by a mysterious redcoat!

And with new friends, May and Jim McGoldrick

My mask by Sogno Veneziano of Venice; the Parfit Knight dress and the ballgown, by Carrie Wilson of Sew Not History.

Author: Stella Riley


4 thoughts on “Dressing-up at HRR 2018”

    1. Thank you, Deborah. It was certainly an experience … and it was lovely meeting some of the ladies I’d only previously known on-line. As for the gowns, obviously the green ballgown only had one outing. But I wore the Parfit Knight dress three times and became quite attached to it!

  1. You looked gorgeous, Stella. Your gowns stole the show and your Hussies were all very proud to be one of your team – me especially.

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