Farewell 2016 … Welcome 2017

2016 may have been a lousy year on the world-wide stage but it’s been an exceptionally good one for me.
In May, I published the long-awaited fourth book in the Roundheads & Cavaliers series – Lords of Misrulewhich I’m delighted to say made it on to Caz’s Best of 2016 List at All About Romance as well as Wendy Loveridge’s list at Romantic Historical Reviews.

But the biggest adventure of my year was the transformation of four of my titles into audiobooks – something which, back in 2015, I’d never have dreamed was possible.  And along the way, I had the privilege and absolute pleasure of working with Alex Wyndham who, as anyone who has ever listened to him knows, is incredibly talented.  He’s also a thoroughly nice guy.


The Rockliffe books … The Parfit Knight, The Mesalliance and The Playerwere recorded back-to-back in the spring and released by April.

Once again, I’m delighted to announce that – thanks to brilliant Alex – all three Rockliffe audios made it on to the Best of 2016 at AudioGals and also at Ladeetdareads.  I’d like to say a huge THANK  YOU!  to those reviewers whose ratings and kind remarks put them there.

And last but by no means least, A Splendid Defiance also made it into audio (by the skin of its teeth!) before the end of the year and therefore managed to join the Rockliffe series on the AudioGals Best of  2016 and find a place on Caz’s list at Romantic Historical Reviews.

So … an eventful year for me and a very successful one. I’m currently working on Rockliffe FourThe Wicked Cousin – which I hope to complete by the spring.
Meanwhile, I’d like to wish all my readers, reviewers and friends – and particularly those who are all three – a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2017 filled with everything you wish for yourselves.

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Author: Stella Riley


8 thoughts on “Farewell 2016 … Welcome 2017”

  1. Congratulations on a brilliant year, Stella. The title for your new “tour de force” makes me wonder. I can only think of 2 “wicked cousins” who have appeared in your books – 1 in Mesalliance, and another in your very first – I’m waiting with bated breath.

    1. Thanks, Margo. Since you’ll be holding your breath for a while, I’ll confess that the Wicked Cousin isn’t anyone you’ve met so far – but there are plenty of ‘old friends’ to catch up with.

  2. Congratulations on a superb year and so well deserved, Stella. I’ve just finished writing my review of THE PLAYER which will be published on my blog tomorrow. Like Wendy, I am preparing a list of favourite books read during 2016 for posting on Rakes and Rascals. The Mésalliance and The Player will definitely be amongst them.

    I note that you are working on book 4 in the Rockliffe series. I was hoping it might be Nicholas’s story but the title would suggest otherwise.

  3. What a fantastic year you’ve had, Stella, and so well deserved. I’m compiling my list for R&R and really cannot choose a favourite amongst your books so they’ll all be on there! If I’m choosing a really clever story with intriguing characters – I reckon that THE PLAYER would probably just have the edge. But I love all of them and Alex Wyndham has just added that extra sparkle to bring your words to life.

    1. Thank you again, Wendy. It’s due to you and reviewers like you that my work made any ‘Best of’ list. And Alex is particularly pleased about Defiance getting promotion as we’re both aware that isn’t an auto audio buy in the US – so every mention helps. I’ve also noticed increased interest in the kindle edition – all due, I think, to you and Carol Cork and Caz. So … thanks. And yes, it would be great to meet in person in 2017.

  4. Congratulations Stella, well done. Best wishes for 2017 to you and yours, may it be a good one
    June & Maurice (Sandwich)

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