A cased pair of gentleman’s percussion pistols by S. W. Berry of Woodbridge – circa 1845 and all completely original.  Everything a gentleman would need; percussion caps, powder flask, mould for making lead shot … and none of it ever used.

Even the label inside the lid of the case is original  and apparently this is rare.  We know it’s original because it is embossed – copies are not.

The amount of detail in the engraving is incredible. Pretty things, aren’t they?

After my two 17th century swords – one cavalry and one naval – pistols seemed a logical step. For those who don’t recall the swords, here they are.

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Author: Stella Riley


5 thoughts on “GENTLEMAN’S PISTOLS”

  1. Hi Stella
    You must be very pleased to add the pistols to your collection. I wonder why they were never used.

    1. The dealer from whom I bought them suggested that, as they would have been very expensive, the original owner probably bought them more as a status symbol than anything else. A nice toy he could show to his friends. But how long he kept them and why no one else ever fired them … who knows? From the collector’s point of view, their pristine condition adds value.

  2. One of my ancestors was a gunsmith in Pennsylvania in the 18th Century. I would love to see one by him.

    1. That would be tremendous, Cate. Have you tried searching for him on the internet? It’s amazing what is out there – though there’s a huge price difference between pre and post 1800. But even if you didn’t want to own one, you might be able to see and even handle one.

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