Happy HAZARD day to one and all!

Many heartfelt thanks to everyone who pre-ordered HAZARD.  I hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing your views.

Rockliffe #5, available for purchase at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, i-Tunes and Kobo.

Author: Stella Riley


11 thoughts on “Happy HAZARD day to one and all!”

  1. Hello Stella, thank you for your reply and I would love to join a likeminded group of readers. I have been reading (and re-reading) your books for years and would love to communicate with others who feel the same about them and also be able to ask you questions. I have started on my second slower reading of Hazard which I am anticipating with as much enthusiasm as I did when I downloaded it on Friday.
    I look forward to hearing from you further about a reviewing group.

    1. Thanks for the positive response to the readers group idea, Kate. Since I very much want it to be a platform where readers can communicate with each other and not just me, I suspect I’ll have to do it as a closed group on FB. But I’m going to talk to my technical guru later and see what she says.

    2. Hi Kate,
      I’m definitely going to set up a readers group on FB. My problem is finding a name for it! Honestly, it’s easier putting a title on a book. Any ideas?

      1. Hello Stella

        Thank you for asking – I can never think of a name for a quiz team never mind a FB group! My immediate thought was ‘Cavaliers and Courtesans’ but felt it to be a little too banal. What about ‘MARS’ (Maxwell, Amberley, Rockcliffe, Sarre) after the God of war or another name from the initials of some of the characters.

        I have just finished reading ‘Hazard’ for the second time and look forward to the paperback edition. Although it ties up some loose ends it leaves others dangling ready for the next instalment (it can’t come too soon for me! No pressure!). Second time around meant that I found some nuances which I had missed the first time and like the other books you have written I will be re-reading it on a fairly regular basis.

        1. Hi Kate,
          Actually, I quite like Cavaliers & Courtesans – I’ll see what a couple of other folk think. The print edition of Hazard is ready to go (looking wonderful, too!) and I’ll probably release it in another week or so. As an indie author, it’s best to do these things in installments to achieve maximum exposure.

        2. Further to previous, I’ve now set up Stella’s Historical Hussies as a closed group on FB. I don’t want to add folk by using their e-mail address – too intrusive – but please apply to join. I’d love to have you there.

  2. Thank you Stella, I have really enjoyed reading Hazard which I downloaded onto my kindle at 5am yesterday morning! Yes, the pace is slightly slower than some of the other Rockcliffe novels but I think this is beneficial to the double romances that unfold throughout. Generally, I find that life is not one long whirlwind but gentle ups and downs with moments of drama.

    Like Margo I have read the reviews on both sites you mention but only after I was approximately 25% through the book – not wanting to have anything colour my opinion. I feel that your books get better each time I read them, there are obviously things I have missed on a first reading, therefore over the last couple of weeks I have re-read The Player and the Wicked Cousin in preparation and feel that I have benefitted for doing this. It was lovely to catch up with Adrian and Caroline, Cassie and Sebastian plus the cast of characters from the other Rockcliffe novels – Nicholas deserved his HEA!

    A thoroughly good read with a well written story. I have noticed how some reviewers or authors are unable to understand the order of nobility – knights (Sir), baronets (Sir), barons (Lord), viscounts (Lord) etc and how they are addressed, thank you for getting it right!

    As I normally do I will be leaving a review on Amazon for you.

    Looking forward to your next book.

    1. Thank you, Kate – and thank you also for reviewing Hazard. Getting reviews is always important but, at this early stage, it’s critical. With so many books out there, titles can sink without a trace in a matter of days!
      I am considering setting up a group – either here or at FB – for regular reader-reviewers. A place where they can not only chat to me and get the low-down on this or that but also exchange views with each other. If I were to do so, would this be of any interest to you? I ask in the spirit of discovering whether it’s worth going down this road or not.

      1. Hi Stella, if you do decide to start a group please count me in as I will love to exchange opinions with likeminded readers. I have finished Hazard this morning and loved the two couples and the wonderful dialogue. It is also very interesting that you have touched a very current topic with Genevieve’s and also Madeleine’s backgrounds but in a very respectful and delicate manner, which has highlighted issues that still affect many women and men around the world. I have left a review in Amazon and like a said there when is your next book coming out? I’m off to read Rock x

        1. Thank you for your review, Susana – I saw it a short while ago – and I’m so glad you enjoyed Hazard. The further the series goes on, the more difficult it becomes to keep readers engaged and not feeling let down. As one of the readers/reviewers I’m fully aware I can count on, I would definitely let you know if I’m able to get a little group of the like-minded together. As yet, I’m unsure how best to go about it so am at the stage of asking advice from those who may know.

        2. I do want to start a readers group on FB, Susana – and obviously you would be one of those I’d hope would join. However, I’m having difficulty finding a name for the group. Any suggestions?

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