HAZARD out tomorrow!


A cardsharp turned businessman, a duke’s charming brother, a stubborn, razor-edged beauty and a desperate widow.
Four players in a game of Hazard … all playing for very high stakes.

HAZARD  will be released on February 23rd.
Pre-order now from Amazon.co.uk

Author: Stella Riley


10 thoughts on “HAZARD out tomorrow!”

  1. I have booked a day off to read this. I shall swallow it in one improvident gulp…oh dear! But I don’t do delayed gratification.

    1. Yes – Alex is due to finish recording by roughly mid-April. This means it will probably be an early May release. I saw that you reviewed The Player, Agnes – thanks a lot.

      1. You’re welcome! I’m waiting with bated breath for my next Audible credit to get The Wicked Cousin 🙂 Unfortunately, my budget for hobby reading isn’t limitless, or I’d have hoarded all your books already…
        Anyway, anticipation should only increase the pleasure, I suppose…

        1. Yes, audios can be an expensive hobby. I gather some folk buy the e-book, then add the audio cheaper – but whether this amounts to a substantial saving, I don’t know. Also, with regard to The Wicked Cousin, it has taken Audible over four months to add whisper-sync – which means the option I just mentioned has only just become available.

          1. If I may ask, how is it determined which of your audiobooks is included in Audible Romance Package and which isn’t? (I recently discovered that this is an option like Kindle Unlimited for Amazon ebooks – and that some of your lovely books are included which is a cost saving option for enjoying them)

          2. That decision is mine, Agnes. However, as yet I haven’t enough information to determine the advantages/disadvantages of the new Romance Package to me as an author. I’ll have to see how it goes before adding other titles.

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