10 thoughts on “Listening to CADENZA …”

    1. Hoping to finish the first read before we leave for Paris, Jacquie. If I can and all being well, it means we’ll probably get the audio signed off by the end of next week. After that, it’s just wait and see.

    1. I’m taking a bit of a side-trip with the next book, Magnus. It’s Max Brandon’s story – so connected to Rockliffe but the first of the Brandon Brothers Trilogy. Long way to to yet, however!

      1. Yes, indeed. I listen to the others again and again. AW reads them beautifully and they never pall. Excellent company on long drives, when ironing and those dreadful nights when you know you are not going to go to sleep.

        1. Absolutely right, Amanda. Audios make long journeys pass so much quicker, don’t they? But I’m glad you enjoy Mr Wyndham (well, who wouldn’t?) and find the books bear listening to more than once. That’s a great compliment to both Alex and me.

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