On the Extras page today …

Join me on the EXTRAS PAGE for a Georgian-style night out at Ranelagh Pleasure Gardens.

And I’d like to take this opportunity to say a very big THANK YOU! to those who have already posted early reviews of HAZARD as well as to anyone who is about to do so. They are extremely valuable and very much appreciated!


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Author: Stella Riley


5 thoughts on “On the Extras page today …”

  1. Thanks Stella for the info on Ranelagh gardens. I have just finished reading Hazard and enjoyed it immensely.

  2. Wow. This is impressive. Is this where Caroline is saved from Sheringham by her highwayman in The Player? How lovely that some paintings exist to give us an impression!
    I can see that Georgians knew how to enjoy life in style – at least if you were in the privileged class…

    1. Actually, Ranelagh is where Adeline’s nasty uncle began his blackmail campaign in Mesalliance. The Caroline/Sheringham scene is played out in the Pantheon – which, from everything I’ve read, would have looked very similar to the Ranelagh rotunda. If I can find some images, I’ll do a piece on the Pantheon at a later date. It was an all-year-round venue without a large outside space and stood on Oxford Street, where Marks & Spencer is now.

      1. Oh, I see. I look forward to the Vauxhall Gardens info as well. Thank you – it does bring the stories closer to have an idea of how those places looked like.

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