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HAZARD – Rockliffe Book Five – is now available for pre-order.

A cardsharp turned businessman, a duke’s charming brother, a stubborn, razor-edged beauty and a desperate widow.  Four players in a game of Hazard … a game made riskier when Fate is rolling the dice.

Pre-order now from:-
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Hazard will be released on February 23rd.

Author: Stella Riley


18 thoughts on “Pre-Order Now!”

    1. Do you mean A Splendid Defiance, Angelina? If so, I’ll be bringing a few copies of that to HRR – but only a few because I doubt I’ll sell many, it being English Civil War! Meanwhile, re the audio giveaway, I’ll e-mail you privately.

  1. This is all very exciting – but will it be available in paperback? Please say yes, as I really loathe Kindle!

      1. Huzzah! This pleases me enormously. And btw, ‘Hazard’ is an inspired title and that’s an agreeably classy cover; I am champing at the bit….

        1. Thanks, Bridget. The designer who did the new (current) covers for A Splendid Defiance and The Marigold Chain is gradually re-doing those for the Rockliffe series. Since Hazard is due out soon, it seemed sensible to start there – but the previous four books will all get a new look in due course. I recall that you don’t like e-books … but do you want to be included in the audio giveaway I’m running at the moment?

  2. Hello Stella – just pre-ordered my copy of Hazard! Agree with Margo you must have worked really hard to turn this round so quickly. Would also like to thank you for the endless hours of entertainment you have given me with your books.

    1. I set myself a 2017 goal of completing two Rockiffe books – and did it by the skin of my teeth! Thank you for your kind words, Kate – I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed Rock & Co.

  3. I have just finished a reread of the “Rockcliffe” series, and have pre-ordered “Hazard”. Looking forward to 23rd Feb!

    1. Thank you, Fiona. I’m doing a final editorial check as we speak and eagerly awaiting the finished cover – then I, too, can sit back and wait for Feb 23rd. Or I would, were it not that the next job will be preparing for audio!

  4. Only six months between Rockliffes – Stella, you’re brilliant! I like the cover in inception. Three familiar personages and ?a widow? I can only recall 4 in your minor dramatis personae, 3 too old for our favourite gambler and 1 very, very ineligible (mad) one. And only a month to wait! I shall have to see if has it on pre-order. Thank you so much. Margo

    1. Well, Margo – you’ve obviously guessed the identity of the former card-sharp, the prickly beauty and the duke’s brother. Could the widow be someone you haven’t met before?

  5. Any plans on when we can pre-order ‘Hazard’ on iBooks? I look forward to the continuation of the Rockliffe series.

    1. This gets done through Smashwords (as do Kobo and Barnes & Noble) and it takes a little longer because Smashwords run a second vetting procedure. You can pre-order on Smashwords now, though.

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