It’s Sneak Peeks Week here at
Today on the Audiobooks page, a chance to listen to Alex reading an extract from The Marigold Chain – which is still awaiting release.
And later in the week, drop by the Extras page for an excerpt from Hazard – available to pre-order, for release on February 23rd.

Author: Stella Riley


4 thoughts on “SNEAK PEEKS WEEK!”

  1. I enjoyed the Marigold ‘sneak peak’ – thanks to your generosity, I won the audiobook an I am excited about it coming out. Anticipation is building up! Something a hazard player would well understand (and it’s fun that Marigold starts with a game of hazard..

    Anyway, Alex reads Alex and Chloe beautifully, and even manages a very credible accent for Chloe (being half-French Swiss myself, I am fussy about these things) – not too strong, cultured, and his signature ability to convey men and women with ease.

    1. I’ll pass on your remarks re Chloe to Alex – he’ll appreciate them. I’m hoping Marigold will be released before the end of next week – but one never knows. I just wake up one morning to a ‘Congratulations – your audiobook has been released! message in my in-box.

  2. So excited about Hazard…ordered it already and may need a day off to read it. And I love the new website and Mme de Pompadour. My costumier sister’s partner Su recreated that frock with period undies and 300 handmade silk roses for a reenactment game!

    1. Oddly enough, I also know someone who worked with a colleague to create the Boucher dress – and she said exactly the same thing about those roses!
      As for Hazard, I’ll be putting a Nicholas/Madeleine extract on the Extras page. Thanks for pre-ordering!

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