5 thoughts on “SNEAK PEEKS WEEK continues”

  1. I loved the sneak peak into “Hazard”. There’s just enough to tantalise and heighten the anticipation for publication day. Only a couple of weeks to go! I also love the new website, especially the images and “Who’s Who”. I have been watching the BBC programmes about Charles I’s art collection and have been thinking about you and the R&C stories. The perspective I gained from reading your books has added an extra layer of interest and richness to the TV programmes and the portraits of Charles. He was such a fascinating and compelling figure and caused such a sea change in the life of our country.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the Hazard snippet, Jill. It’s tricky finding an extract that gives a flavour of the book without also giving too much away; and in this particular case, all the earlier scenes involving Aristide (who is sharing top-billing with Nicholas) seemed to be ‘spoilers’.
      My husband and I went to see the Charles 1: King and Collector exhibition at the Royal Academy a couple of weeks ago and it is truly incredible. The most fascinating thing for me was the information given on many of the paintings about who acquired it after the king’s execution and how much they paid. Even knowing that monetary values have changed a good deal since the 1650s, imagine buying a Holbein for £6 or a Caravaggio for £11.

  2. Hi Stella
    I have just read a sneak peek of Hazard I am really looking forward to reading the book. I have also listened to the snippet of The Marigold Chain and look forward to purchasing it on Audible.

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