I’m so thrilled with the new Marigold Chain cover.  Here’s what clever Ana has done with the paperback.

Available from Amazon and Createspace – and soon to become an audiobook!

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Author: Stella Riley


2 thoughts on “THE MARIGOLD CHAIN paperback”

  1. Very nice, Stella. Great blurb too. Interesting contrasts to the earlier covers, pinpointing different important aspects/themes of the book. First, the personal; second, the massive effects of the Great Fire on London and England and the culmination of Chloe and Alex’s relationship and the last, the underlying current of the plots – the Sealed Knot betrayals, to the defeat (finally) of the Dutch and Alex’s family problems. Neat.
    Though I always like the cavalier hats. They balance the lovelocks! Regards, Margo (Clare).

    1. Thanks, Margo. I think Anna has done a great job. I’m setting her to work on the Rockliffe covers next. BTW, Rockliffe 5 – Hazard – is now finished and undergoing the usual editing process. Should be on pre-order some time in January. Meanwhile, Alex is busy recording Marigold. Enjoy the festive season!

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