5 star praise for Kit’s story …

The Shadow Earl is a beautifully written romance but covering dark issues of the era most writers avoid. Stella Riley’s characters are, as ever, delightfully believable, authentic and historically accurate. She writes with the sparkling wit of Austen and Heyer and research par excellence.”

A book full of wonderful characters, an intriguing and exciting plot and writing in a style that was a delight. It is the best tale of revenge I have read since The Count of Monte Cristo.”

Haunted by past trauma, Kit has secrets and nightmares; he’s a ‘shadow’ of his former self with new darker feelings of hate and revenge. Can he control them? Can he ever heal? This is someone who is so relatable I felt teary at times, and I think Stella Riley did a brilliant job of capturing what someone with PTSD goes through.”


The audiobook, performed by Alex Wyndham, is coming soon!


Christian’s story was released yesterday and reached number 3 in the Amazon UK historical romances best seller lists. If you’ve already read it, please leave a comment here telling me what you thought of it. Better still, leave a brief review on Amazon. It doesn’t have to be much. Four words such as, “I really enjoyed it” will do – and you have my thanks in advance.

The paperback will be released very soon and Alex is currently recording the audiobook.


Are you ready to meet Christian Selwyn, Lord Hazelmere? The earl who vanished, made a dramatic reappearance three years later … and returned a changed man. A man with secrets.

The e-book is available to pre-order at Amazon, Kobo and Barnes & Noble for release on July 15th.

The hardback and paperback editions will also become available around the same time – check here for the latest information.

And the audiobook, narrated by Alex Wyndham, will follow soon after – hopefully, in early August.


Available to pre-order at Amazon – for release on July 15th. Click on links to order.

At the end of his Grand Tour, somewhere between Athens and Constantinople, Christian Selwyn, the young Earl of Hazelmere, vanished – seemingly without trace.

Time passes.  In London, his uncle and cousin move into his home … while his unofficial fiancée, Sophia, is left desolate and in limbo. Finally, his friends – loyal and close as brothers – set out to search in person, determined to find him and bring him home. 

Christian’s startling re-appearance at a grand ball hosted by his uncle, takes society by storm and fuels endless speculation. Where has he been during these three missing years?

What happened to him?  And more importantly, how did it happen? 

Only one thing is clear.  The earl who left England five years ago, has returned a changed man.

A man with secrets.

Cover-art and photography by Larry Rostant; cover model, Michael Oates

Pre-order here for Amazon UK : The Shadow Earl


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