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Join in Cadenza’s Birthday Celebration with a brief visit to Wynstanton House on the night of Julian’s debut concert.

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Author: Stella Riley


4 thoughts on “Celebrating CADENZA’S BIRTHDAY …”

    1. Yes, Wendy – there certainly are a good many uncanny similarities. And I regard Jean Rondeau’s talent with the same degree of awe as Belle and the rest of them do Julian’s.

  1. Thank you, Stella. Much more complex than your earlier Rockliffe books and your minor hero was a big surprise – Genevieve’s facer must have knocked a little sense into his head? Julian and Arabella are a major delight and the historical background mention of Brandon Lacey and Gideon and Venetia makes me wonder just where you will go in the ?final R & C book. How does the family elevate to a barony?
    Regards, Margo.

    1. Glad you enjoyed Julian and Belle, Margo. I particularly enjoyed writing Julian – partly because of the music but also because he was so different from the other Rockliffe heroes. As for Ralph … I’ve never had occasion to rehabilitate an existing character before so I decided to try it and Ralph seemed a good choice. Regarding what comes next, I haven’t decided yet and am still mulling it over.

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