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  1. Hi, Well my husband and I just breezed through the final Roundhead book and enjoyed every moment. Though I still look back on the Black Madonna as my favorite, perhaps because it was the first of your books I read. Anyway, ready for a new fix of excellent history and wonderful characters. Also reading your books has been a learning process for me– late blooming might be writer. Your character development is admirable and dialogue the best I’ve ever run into. So no pressure, but any plans for a new book? Thanks for the wonderful hours of reading & listening. And a quick PS– how did you find Alex Windham? He’s a perfect match for your fabulous dialogue. Cheers- Carol / Austin, Texas.

    1. So glad you’ve been enjoying Alex and the R&C audios, Carol. As for finding Alex – he was one of about 30 potential narrators I auditioned way back at the beginning and it was no contest. Alex was (and is!) far and away the best. We plan to do the other two R&C titles in due course. The timing depends largely on Alex’s schedule of other work and a bit on me as I struggle to get new covers done for Falcon and Misrule. (This is surprisingly time-consuming.) Then there’s the Rockliffe Christmas novella which we’re hoping to bring to audio around the same time as the book. And amidst all this, I am roughly half-way through Brandon Brothers 2; Adam’s story – which is taking much longer than I’d hoped.
      If you haven’t already done so, perhaps you could find a few minutes to review The Black Madonna or, since it’s so newly out, Garland of Straw – on Audible? It would be very much appreciated by both Alex and myself.

  2. Hi Stella – I’ve loved your books for decades and I’m currently re-visiting your audio books titles. Alex Wyndham is brilliant! At the moment I’m listening to the Marigold Chain and I was wondering if you had ever considered telling Giles Beckwith’s story after he leaves London? I’ve always had a soft spot for his character and Alex’s reading has re-ignited my interest. Thanks again for all your wonderful books – With Kind Regards – Anne

    1. Thank you, Anne. I agree with you about Giles – he is a very sympathetic character. From time to time, I have considered continuing his story but never done so. Two reasons for that, really. First, I’ve yet to come up with a first-class story line for him, deciding whether his story takes place in the Caribbean or back in England. And second, some other book has always got in the way. So glad you’re enjoying Alex. He’s currently recording Garland of Straw for me so that should be along fairly soon – hopefully by the end of August.

      1. 8 August 2020

        That advance information helps as Audible is not showing Garland of Straw available for preorder yet. Will the remaining works in the Roundheads and Caviliers series be set to Wyndham’s narration thereafter? If so, when? With appreciation.

        1. Garland of Straw went to Audible on Aug 6th and is currently undergoing the usual QA checks. This can take up to 30 days. I am an independent author, commissioning (and paying for!) my own audios – they don’t ‘belong’ to Audible, as such. And, like all the other authors in the same position as me, I don’t have a release date in advance. The first I know of it is an e-mail from Audible on the day it actually becomes available for purchase – which, as you may imagine, isn’t exactly helpful. As for the remaining titles in the R&C series – yes. Alex and I do hope to collaborate on them but as yet no dates etc have been set. Hope this helps!

    2. Thanks Stella – I do hope you find a 1st class story line for Giles at some point in the future – I must admit to being partial to Giles’ story continuing in Caribbean Climes – so many exotic and exciting adventures to be had among the English Colonies and let’s not forget the potential for some Pirate Action!! 😁 I’m listening to The Parfait Knight at the moment and looking forward to re-visiting the rest of the Rockliffe stories on Audible. I have all of your Amazon Audio Books and you have 5 star rating/reviews from me – will keep my eye out for Garland of Straw. I remember borrowing ‘A Splendid Defiance’ from my Public Library when I was @ College in the mid-80’s and the rest as they say – is History! 😉 It’s been lovely to have a chat with you – Take Care – Cheers – Anne

  3. Both of the series listings on iTunes and Smashwords for Cavaliers and Roundheads have A Splendid Defiance as number 1 and the books from Black Madonna to Lords of Misrule as books two through five. Did you mean to do this? If not, it might help to update these books’ information so that A Splendid Defiance is shown as the standalone it is. Including it in the series is probably confusing to new readers.

      1. Okay. I’m glad you could fix it. On a related note, I see that Garland of Straw is out. If you could also let the folks at Audible know that Black Madonna and Garland of Straw are part of a series I think that would be helpful for listeners. They could click on the series names, and see which other titles are in it. I see that this was set up for the Rockliffe Series.

        1. I think it should already be marked up as a series, Stefanie – though I’ll look into it. However, Madonna was only book one (so not a series at that point, if you see what I mean) and the second book, Garland, only came out a couple of days ago. Things get done piecemeal at Audible – such whispersync.

  4. Hi Stella,
    I’ve been reading your books for almost as long as you’ve been writing them! I have a very old and treasured copy of A splendid Defiance, my favourite. I read both A black Madonna and Garland of Straw as they were released, and loved them. It took me years to discover that you had, in fact, written books 3 and 4. I was in withdrawal until this happened. I’ve also read the Rockliffe saga, which I loved. Looking forward To the next Brandon story x

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments, Wendy. Adam Brandon’s story is not progressing as rapidly as I would like – but I persevere! On the plus side, you can look forward to a Rockliffe novella in time for Christmas.

  5. Dear Stella
    I have just finished Garlands of Straw. Loved all the characters, so well drawn and the way you integrated the history in the story by using. The characters experiences and conversation was wonderful. I am gobsmacked! I should have known from your other books that you would have an amazing, incredible tie up the loose ends ending! There is absolutely no way I would have even come close to suspecting who the villains were! You are definitely a master at stringing the reader along! Just when one thinks one has the solution….bang you turn the tables on us! I was sorry to see Wat die, that was such a loss and so sad. I do hioe that Gabriel and his mom are able to become reconciled after awhile. It would interesting to read a prequel about Susannah and Robert and Gabriel as a boy.
    Thrilled to read that Garlands of straw is to be read by Alex Whyndam…he really brings your characters to life.
    One question though, at the end of Garland you seem to hint at another story
    In the future “ our children and grandchildren will look for it. And we’ll trust that if the time comes, the Garland will want to be found once more.” I hope after that teaser you do have it in mind to write it!
    On to the next, the King’s Falcon!

    1. Thank you, Jane. If you enjoyed Garland, I think you will like The King’s Falcon. As for the Lacey Garland … perhaps it will come to light in Max Brandon’s lifetime. Who knows?

  6. Hello Stella I am just re visiting the rockcliffe series and wondered is there would be another book where Rosalind would regain her sight, that would be a wonderful ending to the series

    1. Hi Christine … you can look out for a Rockliffe Christmas Novella in December – but as to what is (or isn’t) in it, that would be telling, wouldn’t it?

  7. I have just devoured the Rockliffe novels and I adored them! Thank you so much for such beautiful, rich characters. I’m not ready yet to say goodbye to them all so I feel I must download the Audible versions! I came across your books after I google searched “books similar to Georgette Heyer” and I’m a glad I did, I was not disappointed

    1. Thank you, Roseanne! If you’ve enjoyed reading the books, I’m sure the audios won’t disappoint – Alex Wyndham is terrific. As well as Rockliffe, there’s also A Trick of Fate (Brandon Brothers #1) – I’m currently working on #2. And you can look out for a Rockliffe novella in time for Christmas. Happy reading and listening – and if you could spare a few moments to review on Amazon, that would be greatly appreciated. Stay safe.

  8. Dear Stella, thank you for whisking me off into the Georgian era again with A Trick of Fate. It’s right up there with The Wicked Cousin on my list of faves – lots of engaging “bickering” between the main characters, plus a tour through Scotland! What fun. And I have finally warmed to the Earl of Sherbourne… it just took me a while to get there.
    Looking forward to more Brandons in the future. And curious to know if any likely scenarios are percolating in your mind yet with regard to Toby and a final R&C book. It would be tremendously entertaining to see him finally meet his match. 😉
    With thanks for many an enjoyable hour spent with nose in book,


    1. So glad you enjoyed A Trick of Fate, Judy – and decided Ralph Sherbourne wasn’t such a bad guy after all. He was my first attempt at ‘rehabilitating’ a semi-villain and it was an interesting exercise. As for Toby Maxwell … no plans as such at present. I’m currently concentrating on Adam Brandon’s story and looking forward to working with Alex Wyndham later in the year when he’ll be recording Garland of Straw.

  9. I just read a little further in Cadenza and saw that you changed Dolly back into Nell. Sorry to have bothered you😕. I meant what I said in my last post. You’re my new favorite author🤩 —Melissa

    1. It sounds as if you have confused Dolly Cavendish with Nell Caversham, Melissa. Nell, as you know, is Rock’s sister and married to Harry Caversham. Dolly, Lady Cavendish is an influential society matron and has been popping in and out of the Rockliffe series since Book 2. Hope that clears things up for you! For the rest, so glad you’ve been enjoying Rock & Co; but if you plan to give the Roundheads & Cavaliers a try, I suggest you begin with A Splendid Defiance – it’s shorter than the others and will give you a chance to decide if you like the change of period.

  10. Hi,
    I’m reading you Rockcliffe series. Love love love them. I’m a little confused though. In Cadenza everyone keeps calling Lady Cavendish “Dolly”. I’m assuming you mean Nell. “Dolly” keeps yanking me out my suspension of disbelief. I know that’s too late to change my Kindle copy, but could you change it back to Nell for future copies? This could at least be changed for future Kindle readers? I don’t want this to seem like I emailed you to complain about a nit-picky thing that drives me crazy. I love your writing. I’ve eaten up this series and, after I’m done with Cadenza, plan on reading the Brandon brothers and that English Civil War series (can’t remember the name.) Keep writing. Thanks. —Melissa

  11. I just finished listening to the audiobook of The Black Madonna, and I was absolutely blown away! I discovered your work through Audible and you have become my favorite author. I have listened to all of your audiobooks except A Splendid Defiance. I’m holding back because I want to savor the last one that is currently available on Audible…I don’t want it to be over! Your beautiful writing and Alex Wyndham’s talented performances are true pleasures, especially in these days of forced isolation. I have never contacted an author before, but I wanted to let you know how much I admire and appreciate your work. I will definitely seek out your printed novels as well. Thank you!

    1. Hi Shelly – nice to hear from you and thank you so much for your kind comments. I’m delighted that you enjoyed The Black Madonna and have good news for you. All being well (one has to say that in times like these) Alex will be recording Garland of Straw (R&C book 2) through June/July which means a new audio some time in August. Meanwhile, if you haven’t already done so, perhaps you could find a few minutes to review? That would be very much appreciated!

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