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  1. In the Parfit Knight, Robert Daker was sent away into the military. Since Rafe s got to become a better person, what about Robert? Did he become a better person from his experience? Did the war change him into a leader, or was he made weak because of it? What about Rafe and Elizabeth? Did their wedding happen or did her father interfere? Did Rafe say I love you out loud? And Max? Does he get married? I love your books and I would love to have more of these characters. Will we get to see the children grow up and find their own way? I feel so anxious because I want more of the Rockcliffes. Please say there will be more?

    1. Wow – so many questions! Starting with Robert Dacre … since he had no redeeming features when last we saw him, I doubt he’s improved but to be honest, Samantha, once he was off the page, I was done with him.
      Ralph and Lizzie – yes, the wedding happened. I’m surprised you thought Lizzie’s father might have been able to stop it – what with Lizzie being of age and Ralph being an earl. And no … Ralph never did manage to tell Lizzie he loved her in so many words but all the signs were there that he wanted to. Maybe we’ll hear him do that in the future – though I’m not promising anything.
      As for Max … I’m writing his story now and hope to have it finished later this year. Thanks for getting in touch. I’m guessing you listened to the audio. Do you ever review? If not, might you consider doing so?

  2. Hello Stella, Just seen the new cover for the Black Madonna, will kindle be getting an update so that the old cover is replaced with the new version? Hope so.

    1. Unfortunately, Amazon do not supply updates unless they have been done to correct serious flaws within the book. Their reason for this is that an update causes a reader to lose bookmarks and highlights. Personally, I wouldn’t consider that important and would much prefer to be offered the revised version. You could try asking them to over-write the version you already own with the new one. That might work – though I suspect not.

  3. I’ve finished all of your books (most recently your Civil War books) and now I feel that there is a huge hole where my “friends” were. I miss them so much! So, I’ll ask a question – will the Restoration, do you think that Francis and Ashley will return to England or meet Eden properly? I recall that Ashley meets Eden briefly in Scotland during Cromwell’s time but it seems to me that they must be destined to meet as friends. I understand that most sequestered property was returned to original owners after the Restoration so Francis, as just about the only living member of his family, and the current Viscount, could reasonably have come back – if only for a visit. Perhaps if you write an ending for Tobias a few “friends” could visit!

    1. Although I haven’t made any firm decision on it yet, the possibility of a 5th R&C book telling Toby’s story and ending with the Restoration has been on my radar for some time. At present, however, I’m still immersed in Rockliffe Six – Cadenza – which should be available for pre-order tomorrow. As for what comes next … watch this space.

  4. I really like the new covers for the Rockcliffe series and I have just completed buying all the audio versions of your books through Audible. I am looking forward to the next book in the Rockcliffe series.

    1. Thank you, Sandra. Yes, I’m pleased with the new covers – as you can probably tell, I’m not a great fan of the current fashion for bare-chested men and/or couples in a clinch. As for Alex – he’s brilliant, isn’t he?

  5. There are more characters un resolved in both series. Will there be more books in each series?

    1. With the exception of Toby Maxwell in the R&C series, I’m not entirely sure which characters you mean. If you could specify, I’ll try to answer your question. In the meantime, I am currently completing Rockliffe Book Six.

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