Like most writers, I am always happy to hear from my readers.  If you have a question or would just like to chat, please leave a comment.

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  1. Dear Ms. Riley,

    I just re-read the entire Rockliffe series and wanted to thank you for writing such excellent books. I love the stories, characters, and the detail.
    I had a question about the Audleys. In the Shadow Earl, you refer to Cassie Audley as Cassie Wingham. But doesn’t the family name stay the same? She would just become Cassandra Audley, Lady Wingham. Or does the last name change?
    I read the kindle version of the book.

    Again, thanks for the splendid stories. In my opinion you are one of the few writers to match Georgette Heyer.


    1. Thank you for your extremely kind comments, Shobhana – and I’m delighted that you’ve enjoyed spending time with Rock & Co. As for Cassie, yes – her married (family) name is now Audley. But now Sebastian has inherited his father’s title and become Viscount Wingham, both he and she are referred to by that name instead.

  2. Words cannot adequately express how much I love your work, particularly the Rockliffe series. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve revisited each and every one both in e-book and audio formats. Alex’s narration carries me through all manner of household chores as I revisit these characters like old friends time and again. I may have picked them up for the love stories, but I simply adore the male friendships and camaraderie that carries through the series. You set the bar high on historical romance, both for attention to detail and unfailingly rich and robust plot lines that make other series pale in comparison. Thank you for sharing your talent with your readers.

    1. Thank you so much for your very kind words, Jenny. They will help to spur me on as I struggle to complete the first draft of a new title which has been greatly delayed due to personal circumstances. I’m delighted that Rock & Co have become old friends and that, like myself, you enjoy male camaraderie and loyalty – qualities very much at the heart of the new book. Would you mind if I quoted a part of your comment (without naming you, if you prefer) when I’m promoting Rockliffe?

    2. I have just completed the Rockliffe and Brandon brothers audio books ….. wow wow wow ! I am an avid regency romance reader snd have never read anyone who I would put above or equal to Georgette Heyer , but Ms Riley you have gone above and beyond.
      I feel bereft that there isn’t a follow on or a new series bringing all the characters together again , so I join all your many fans and beg for a new series which will weave them back together !
      Your writing together with Alex Wyndhams narration is a perfect match , Where do I go from here … which series do you suggest next ?
      Once again many many thanks for hours of enjoyable reading / listening
      Please don’t stop !

      1. Thank you so much for your very kind comments, Maggie – it’s a huge honour to see my name alongside that of Georgette Heyer.
        As you may have seen elsewhere, I have a new title – The Shadow Earl – currently in the final stages of production (cover and proof-reading mostly) and which I hope to put on pre-order at Amazon at the end of this month for a mid-July release. Regarding the audio, Alex and I have high hopes of getting it done this summer but do not have specific recording dates as yet.
        As for where you go from here … if you like my writing enough and are prepared to step outside the Georgian period, you could try my English Civil War novels. They are BIG books and all but one are already in audio. I often suggest new readers start with A Splendid Defiance because it’s shorter than the epic quartet which begins with The Black Madonna; and because the five books are linked to one another.

  3. I really enjoyed the Montesoro Legacy especially seeing all the crowd from the Rockliffe series. The character of Donatello was very interesting and I’m assuming he is mildly autistic. Will he appear in any more of your stories?

    1. Yes, Joan – Donato is on the autistic spectrum and, like quite a few readers, I became rather fond of him. At present, I don’t have any further plans for him … but one never knows what may happen in the future.

  4. Hi Stella,

    Happy New Year and I hope your arm is better.

    I was wondering if there is any likelihood of “Lords of Misrule” being released in audiobook form? I have read it, and loved it, but it really helps me to get through tedious jobs (like housework) if I have something really good, like one of your books or a good podcast, to listen to whilst working.

    Thank you and keep well.

    1. My arm is much better and still improving due to good physio – thank you for asking. As regards Lords of Misrule, nothing is planned regarding audio yet but we’ll almost certainly get around to it in 2023. How soon largely depends on Alex’s schedule. Meanwhile, I’m now trying to press on with the new title.

  5. It sounds really intriguing Stella, I can’t wait! I’m sorry you’ve had an injury and hope you are better soon, to enjoy Christmas and finish the book.

  6. Hi Stella, any news on when your next book will be out? Please tell me it’s soon, I need something new to fill my Stella gap! I’ve reread all your books several times and have favourites I dip into regularly – Under a Dark Moon is definitely one of those, it’s a great story with complex and believable characters. Gabriel is one of my favourite characters of all and I love how he and Venetia are subtly represented generations later in the Brandon brothers. Please put me out of my suspense … and give a clue who the next story will be about!

    1. Sorry to disappoint you, Ann, but the next book has been delayed due to an arm injury that meant I couldn’t type – so thus couldn’t write. Now, of course, with Christmas on the horizon there isn’t the time to concentrate on work. However, the new book (as yet untitled) is set in the Rockliffe/Brandon world but all the major characters in it are completely new. There’s not much I can tell you other than that without giving too much away. Merry Christmas!

  7. Whoops I’m a dork! It’s really The Montesoro Legacy I don’t have. It doesn’t look like it’s an audiobook yet so I might have to buy the book to read it. Thanks for giving me a cool place to go during the hot summers in the Colorado desert!

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Wendy – so glad you enjoy my books and lovely Alex! The Montesoro Legacy audio should be out very soon – I signed it off with the production company yesterday so it ought to be in the queue at Audible by now. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you exactly when it will be available because Audible don’t tell me. It just happens!

  8. I have all of your audio books. You’re my favorite author. I love that I can get out of the hot Colorado desert and go across the world in your books. I’m sad because I can’t figure out how to get Under a Dark Moon. Today I tried to contact audible up help me because I only have 2 credits left and I’m saving one for your book . Is it only available in the UK audible?

  9. Dear Stella,

    First, I wanted to thank you for giving us these stories and Alex for bringing them to life. I still vividly remember sitting on a red-eye flight listening to Amberley fall in love with Rosalind while watching a glorious sunrise and with everyone sleeping around me. While I quickly realised that a plane was a terrible place to listen if one wanted to enjoy the nuances of Alex’ musical and colourful voice, it gave me an excuse start over when I came home. It was my first encounter with you and Alex and the timing was perfect: A month later, Covid was upon us, but your lovely characters were excellent companions through the lockdowns.

    I would also like to ask a question: I love how your books are connected – R&C with A Splendid Defiance and Brandon Brothers and Brandon Brothers with Rockliffe. But what about Marigold? Is there a link to the other stories that I missed?

    I look forward to Leo’s story coming soon and also to Lords of Misrule in due course.

    Thank you again and best wishes from a Danish fan.

    1. Thank you so much, Mie, on behalf of Alex and myself. I loved your description of listening on a plane at sunrise – totally agree that one doesn’t get the best audio experience on a flight – and delighted that my creations and Alex’s performances of them entertained you through lockdown.
      Re Marigold, you haven’t missed anything. It’s completely stand-alone. The only very loose connection to the R & C books is Rupert of the Rhine – interesting to meet him again at a later and very different time of his life.
      Leo’s audio has been slightly delayed by Alex away filming in Canada but I expect to receive it for final checking any day now.

  10. Hi Stella,

    When did felix and felicity maxwell become Tobias and Tabitha in the kings falcon why when Justin ambrose mentioned in the black Madonna and a garland of straw not classed as a civil war book when Ashley peverill tells Eden that Francis Langley and his wife are having a baby does he not mention his own wife

    Thank you,

    1. The twins became Tobias and Tabitha when I started re-issuing my back-catalogue in 2012 – so all current editions have those names. The only editions still having Felix and Felicity are the original Headline hardbacks and paperbacks – most of which are unavailable by now.
      I don’t quite understand your other questions, Mary.
      However, A Splendid Defiance is a Civil War book – it just doesn’t fit chronologically with Madonna and Garland etc.
      And Ashley Peverell tells Eden news about Francis because Eden and Francis know each other and are friends. Why would Eden be interested in Ashley’s wife? This is the first and only time he and Ashley have met.
      Hope this helps.

  11. Stella, I’ve devoured all your books and am desperate for more! Please tell me you’re working on another, and what it might be. Will you pick up on Giles’ story, or another of your characters, or start afresh? Make it soon!

    1. Thanks, Ann. I’ve taken a bit of a break since The Montesoro Legacy having been working right through the pandemic. Now back from the first real holiday since 2019, I’m ready to write again and – after much deliberations – have decided to take a new (or new-ish) path.

      1. Intriguing! I understand the need for a respite but I’m glad you’re mulling over a new story, I can’t wait, keep all we Stella fans posted!

  12. I struggle to read, so love your audio books. Are there any plans to record the Lords of Misrule so I can complete this series please?

    1. We will record Lords of Misrule eventually, Lin but it’s not possible to say when as yet. Alex’s next job for me will be recording The Montesoro Legacy – hopefully in late summer. As for Lords of Misrule, it needs a make-over including a new cover and though my proof-reader is working on it now, everything else takes time.

      1. I am so looking forward to the Montesoro Legacy in audio. I was just wondering if there is any news on that front. I loved the book and am especially looking forward to Alex’s interpretation of Donato.

        Again, thank you for your wonderful books. I have been a fan since The Marigold Chain was first published.

        1. All being well, Alex should finish recording Legacy at the end of August, Diane – but I’m away the first week in September so won’t be able to review it immediately. However, will good luck and a following wind, it should be released by the end of September. Like you, I’ll be interested to see what Alex does with Donato!

  13. I just finished The Parfit Knight and loved-loved-loved it. I wanted to share with you and your readers my real-life relationship with my own Rosalind Vernon. I was blessed and fortunate to experience a romantic relationship with a lovely girl who was blind since birth. I’m now “gainfully retired” and write magazine articles. I wrote a blog entitled Remembering My Little Blind Date which is just a brief page in length. I would like to share it with you if you are interested. Perhaps you have an email address whereby I could send it to you as an attachment? My little blind date did EXACTLY what Rosalind did with Amberley where he allowed her to fondle his face in order to “see” him the only way she could. My little blind date, when meeting someone, would politely ask if she could carefully run her hands/fingers over their face so she could “see” them. I can’t remember anyone ever refusing her that gesture but they were fascinated by it! Like Rosalind, she just charmed everyone into her sightless world. I don’t know how you did research into the world of blindness but you nailed it!

    1. I am delighted that The Parfit Knight resonated with you Jeffrey and that you enjoyed it. Also, thank you for sharing your story with me. Most interesting!
      If you are interested, Rosalind makes a number of appearances in other books of the Rockliffe series and her story is completed in the final novella, Midwinter Magic. However, much of the novella will be a mystery to you unless you’ve read the other books in the series.
      As for research … The Parfit Knight was written before the internet existed so I was forced to use my imagination and common sense. I’m glad you think I did a good job.

  14. I have just started following you through my email. I just would like to say that I have enjoy today’s letter regarding your new book and the information of the “Grande Tour”. I want to thank you for sharing this information. I love finding out about the past and some of what it must have been like. I am looking forward to reading The Montesoro Legacy. Thank you again for including all of us in your research.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the newsletter, Margaret. The so-called Trivia isn’t exactly research material itself – more sort of spin-off material from it or some side-turning I wandered into along the way. But, as you may imagine, it isn’t always easy to come up with something new each month that might interest others.

  15. I resolved my Amazon issue. I have to purchase it through the web based site, rather than the Amazon app on my Apple device.



  16. Hi Stella,

    I have been meaning to write you for a long time just to let you know how much I enjoy all your books. I read the Rockliffe series first, and enjoyed them all. (Although if I’m being honest, Mesalliance was my least favourite. I can imagine writing a story fitting for Rock would be difficult).

    I was always a bit wary of starting the next book in the series as I become so attached to the characters, I did not think you could possibly introduce new characters who I would care for as much. But you did. Every time I am a little bit wary of starting the new one in case I’m disappointed, and every time you prove me wrong. I love the Brandon brother series as well.

    In fact I love all your books, but I think your Round head and Cavalier series is quite remarkable. What a skill to describe that very complicated history in contemporary time with the storyline of characters. I am a huge fan. And you have rekindled my love of history.

    Your decisions with the audiobooks is genius. Now I only listen to the audio versions. I love them all and I’m waiting impatiently for the next. The only downside is I have to wait so long for Alex to record them.

    Thank you so much reading and listening pleasure!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments, Gayatri. I’m glad you enjoy my work and the audios that Alex and I do together. As I’m sure you know, the final book in the Brandon Brothers trilogy (The Montesoro Legacy) is available for pre-order and will be released at the end of this month. And the audio of The King’s Falcon will also be out very soon.

  17. Dear Stella
    Oh my! Just finished listening to Under a Dark Moon and Alex outdid himself! I had already read the print version(which i read far to quickly!) but his rendition brought a dimension to it that he always does. I fell in love with the story and characters all over again. As usual it was cleverly disguised who was the villainess(in this case) and why and a slam bang finish to boot with Adam riding ventre a terre to save his love! I also thought it was fun to call the espionage section “M”…shades of James Bond? And I loved the description of the wedding etc with the reunion of all the characters from your previous books , their conversations and the painting that Leo did of of his brother. What a wonderful ending!

    I know you are in the midst of writing Leo’s story and can’t wait to read it!
    Thank you for such reading pleasure!

    1. Thank you, Jane! So glad you enjoyed the book again and particularly pleased that you liked Alex’s performance. This audio has been a long time coming! If you could put a brief review on Audible, it would be greatly appreciated by both Alex and myself.

  18. Dear Stella! Having said a sad goodbye to Rockliffe and his friends (what wonderful characters and tales!) I decided to re-read the Cavalier and Roundhead books. Of course I fell in love with Gabriel Brandon in Garland of Straw, only to forsake him for Eden Maxwell in Lords of Misrule. I so enjoyed the love stories set against the real history of those troubled times. Being a Scot, it was interesting to read about how much trouble WE caused! Thank you for hours of happy reading.
    However, we MUST know how they all fared after the Restoration! And only Tobias is left living, working and romancing in Cheapside! Much as I have enjoyed the books about the Brandon brothers, I cannot believe you are leaving us in suspense about Toby, Gabriel, Eden, Francis and Ashley after 1660. Please write the book about Toby and let us say a proper farewell to all of them.
    Sending thanks from Scotland. Yours sincerely,
    Frances Gray.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments, Frances – so glad you enjoyed both Gabriel’s and Eden’s stories. I have considered writing Toby’s book several times and always hit the wall of not being able to create a story that will fit the history – the main problem being the time gap between the Road to Restoration and the Coronation of Charles ll. Then there’s the issue of a great deal of said history being political rather than action-packed. However, I may consider Toby again (possibly from a different angle) when I’ve completed Brandon Brothers #3 – Leo’s story. This, sadly, is taking a long time to write and is still a work in progress.

  19. Hi Stella
    I loved reading Cadenza and about Pancrace Royer, who is never heard of before. I’ve listened to Vertigo several times on YouTube now.

    I went to a concert by the baroque musicians, Red Priest tonight and was gobsmacked to see a piece by Royer on the programme! Sadly not Vertigo. However i had a long chat with the harpsichordist at the end of the concert and his instrument is a replica of the sort of one Royer would have known.
    I’ll go back and read Cadenza again and I’ll understand the technical parts a little better now.

    Do look.out for concerts by Red Priest, they are an amazing group to hear live.


    1. I will certainly find out more about Red Priest – thanks for telling me about them. I imagine they’ll have put stuff on You Tube so I’ll start there. Where was the concert you went to?

      1. I am facing problems checking out your website. I am unable to find any information regarding your book. I am hopeful that you can offer me some help. Very sorry for bothering you.

      2. Hi Stella

        Oh please do look up Red Priest. They’re such fun and the music really is baroque and roll! The concert I went to was held in St Andrew’s church in Wiveliscombe, Somerset.
        I was one of the three members of the Milverton Concert Society committee who persuaded the rest of the committee to book them. They should have played here in March 2020 but had to be cancelled due to COVID. I am soooo glad that they were finally able to play here for us.

        PS. I’m really looking forward to reading Leo Brandon’s story.

        1. I took a look at Red Priest on You Tube and they do look fun. Well done for persuading your group to book them! In more normal times, I’d recommend them to the various Festival committees around here – Sandwich Folk & Ale and the big thing held in Broadstairs every July/August – but neither have happened the last two years.

  20. I’ve just finished Under A Dark Moon and loved it Stella!
    You had me suspecting just about everyone!
    (So the unveiling was to say the least, a surprise!)
    Thank you for a wonderfully engrossing mystery and love story.
    You always make your characters come alive – such a gift!
    I’ve left a review on under ‘Katie’
    Looking forward to Leo’s story……..
    ? Kay

    1. Thank you so much, Kay – I’m delighted that you enjoyed Adam’s story. And thanks for reviewing as well – most people just leave star ratings these days so a written review is a treat!

  21. Oh good lord. I’ve just read Cadenza for the umpteenth time and this time I decided to listen to Jean Rondeau play the music. I listened to La Marche des Scythes for the first time and I am gobsmacked!! What must the reception of that have been the first time it was played? What a composer Royer was.

    1. Yes! Amazing for its time, isn’t it? Try Vertigo as well. I love that piece. And, from J.S.Bach, the Fantasia in C minor BWV 906 – both played by Jean Rondeau.

  22. Hello
    I’ve recently seen adverts for a hard back set of all the Rockcliffe series and am wondering where I can buy a set? I can’t immediately see the set on Amazon. Is there a company I can contact?

    1. You don’t buy them as a sort of bundle – like an e-format boxed set, Hilary. Hardcover books aren’t generally (if ever) sold that way. But you can buy all of the titles individually – thus building up the complete set either gradually or all in one go, whichever suits you best. And they are only available from Amazon.

  23. Hi Stella

    I was just wondering what the release date will be for under the dark moon in audiobook format? I am really looking forward to adam’s story but like to listen rather than read as I have with all your other books.

    1. It’s never possible to predict exact audio release dates, Sally – I only ever know when the recorded files go off to Audible. However, in the case of Under A Dark Moon there has been a significant delay with recording as Alex has been filming in Vancouver since the beginning of May and is still there – though he has been able to continue with some of his narrating work while he’s been there. My best guess at present is that Dark Moon is unlikely to be available for purchase until some time in September – but watch this space for further news!

  24. Hi Stella,
    I have just started to read The Black Madonna. I have always enjoyed historical fiction but in recent years I have returned to reading more seriously. I have been reading historical novels in historical order starting at about 800 AD, focussing on novelists who base their work on historical facts while still writing f historical fiction. I have finally got to the Civil War! After searching for relevant novels I fortunately found your series. I am really enjoying The Black Madonna but I wondered if you had considered doing a reference list of characters and key people as some historical fiction writer do. I realise this would be a lot of work but perhaps you might find a researcher who might do this for you. I have scribbled some notes down as I go but would love not to have to! Ideally it would be something which could be downloaded and printed so it would be easy to refer to. A small charge could be made to cover the additional costs.

    1. Hi Catherine – thanks for your comments and suggestions. The first thing to say is that you are a very unusual sort of reader. I don’t think I’ve ever come across anyone who has set out to learn history through fiction in such an organised way. Most folk choose books either because they like the author or because they’re interested in a specific period.
      As to lists of characters, I’m aware that some authors include these (sometimes fictional as well as real!) but, to be honest, I’ve always felt that it can look a little pretentious. Another issue is, as you rightly say, time – because I suspect that the only person who could do what you suggest to my satisfaction is me. For example, if I handed A Splendid Defiance over to a researcher I’d have to create the list of real people myself because, if I didn’t, characters who lived and breathed but have fallen through the cracks of history would be missed out. So I do thank you for both your interest and your suggestion but feel that it isn’t really viable considering the very small number of readers who would want it.

  25. Hi Stella ^_^
    Where have your books been all my life?! I was initially given a complete collection of Georgette Heyer novels at around age 12 by an enthusiastic bookworm Aunt (my faves of Ms Heyer’s are still the ones set in the same time period as Rock n co. ) which kicked off my love of historical novels of all eras, and many many years later that same Aunt still regularly sends me historical romances and recommends books/authors to me (the best type of Aunt ever, right?!!). I was recommended your Rockcliffe books only last month, and after devouring the Parfit Knight, I bought the whole series including the novella which I’ve almost finished! Are you planning more later? love this era and all these characters! (I’ve written some reviews for you on Goodreads, does that count? I’m also a quicker reader than reviewer though I do add star ratings right away, sorry but I will eventually get around to properly reviewing the ones I haven’t done yet for you).
    I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the stories , the characters, and your style of writing – and that I added the R&C complete set to my Amazon basket and bought the lot this morning almost on autopilot because I need more of your books waiting for when I complete the Rockcliffe series. (Don’t worry, I know they’re a lot longer but that only makes me even happier!! ) TBH there’s nothing like an actual book to me so I always buy printed copies ( are your printed books only available via Amazon? ), that means I haven’t heard the lovely (I’ve been assured!) voice of Alex Wyndham reading the audio versions yet, but maybe I’ll give it a go!
    Your Rockliffe series is brilliant, each story in it’s own way kept me entertained and wanting more, and after my R&C binge I’ll no doubt be making grabby hands for your Brandon Brothers series as well 😀 I’ll definitely be be re-reading too! My only regret is not finding your books sooner! I’ve signed up to your newsletter/blog so hopefully that means when you release more I’ll get a notification.
    Thank you so much for hours of enjoyment -past present and future! keep up the good work!!
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Samantha – and thank you for your very kind comments. (I’ve seen and approved your membership of Hussies, so you should be able to join us there.) I’m impressed that you’ve nearly finished Rock & Co and are planning to move on the the R&C titles! There’s lots of 17th century history in those – I mention this because I’m not sure if you’re in the UK or the US.
      Yes, the print editions are only available from Amazon – I’ve recently added hardbacks to the Rockliffe Series and am almost ready to add them for the two Brandon books and The Marigold Chain, as well.
      As a Hussy, if you want to try an audio version I’ll willingly send you a free Audible download code for the book of your choice to get you started. And don’t be afraid to jump in and chat on Hussies – that’s what the group is for.

      1. Hi Stella , thanks so much for your reply and for letting me join the Hussies too. Those hardback books are very tempting! Your offer of a free Audible book is very kind and I really appreciate it. If you’re sure you don’t mind then could I try The Parfit Knight please? (not only will I be able to swoon over the Dominic parts, the Broody parts will be hilarious to listen to being read out loud! ^_^ ) . I’m in the UK, and know a decent amount of 17th century history (raises hand as guilty history nerd of most era’s ), so it’s not going to be a problem at all in the R&C books, looking forward to it actually, but it was thoughtful of you to make sure.
        I’m off to go check in on the group in a minute (yesterday was a little hectic IRL for time to have a good chat to the members, but there was a lovely warm welcome). Hopefully talk with you there as well.
        Best wishes

  26. Stella
    I’ve recently started buying audiobook versions of my favorite books, my largest collection are your books. I’ve listened to them multiple times, my favorite being Marigold Chain and Black Madonna. I can’t wait for the completion of Roundheads and Cavaliers, I keep checking Audible to see if I can preorder them.
    The thing I like best about Historical Fiction is that it prompts me to find out more on the era, thus far I’ve watched multiple Prime Video documentaries on the English Civil War and am currently reading Ian Mortimer’s “The Time Traveler’s Guide to Restoration Britain”.
    Thank You for writing books that I enjoy reading over and over.

    1. I’m delighted that you enjoy the audios, Diane. However, you won’t find new ones available for pre-order because they aren’t produced by Audible as I’m an independent author. At present, Alex is recording Under A Dark Moon (in between filming in Vancouver!) but once that is done I hope we can fix recording dates for The King’s Falcon. All will depend on Alex’s schedule.

  27. Hello and
    THANK YOU for all your splendid works. You have a unique writing style that is so engrossing. What I like most about your stories and characterizations is that your main characters do not have a protracted agonizing courtship. They are in love and acknowledge that love before the last chapter of the book. I also like the camaraderie between the characters primary/secondary and with the characters between the stories. I want to be their friend. Somehow,(and this may seem strange)when I read your stories I feel real comfortable, like I am home from a long journey and meeting real good friends.

    So… thank you!

    1. Hi Mary. Thanks for getting in touch and for your very kind comments – it’s always a pleasure to hear from a satisfied reader! So glad you’ve enjoyed getting to know Rock & Co (I’m guessing these are the books you mean?) and joining them in their world for a time. If you’ve moved on to the Brandon Brothers, you’ll have discovered that some of your old friends make guest appearances there, too.

      1. Yes, I am reading Adam’s story also. I have read all of your books with the exception of four. Three of which I am saving for later. My summer reads…. The fourth one King’s Falcon, I understand has sensitive material that I am not able to brave…. as of yet. I have to gird that loin later

        1. I appreciate your concerns about ‘sensitive material’, Mary and I don’t deny that it exists in my 17th century books, particularly perhaps in The King’s Falcon. But writing historical fiction isn’t the same as writing historical romance. Life and attitudes were different then and I don’t believe that we can (or should) apply 2021 values to the 1650s. The result is that I write it as it would have been – warts and all. Now … the scene that concerns you in Falcon occurs well into the book and is very much integral the story as a whole. I thought long and hard about what to do at that point and eventually came to the conclusion that there was only one way to proceed since another eleventh hour rescue would have been nonsense. No, it isn’t easy to read. But it wasn’t easy to write either. Thanks for raising this and giving me the chance to put my side.

  28. I just wanted to say that listening to your incredible, engrossing books has been my absolute saviour during this third lockdown – my mum and I have both been devouring your stories and swapping our favourite characters and historical tidbits about the Civil War. I’ve listened to all the Rock series, Splendid Defiance and the first two Roundhead and Cavaliers but now I’ve got used to Alex Wyndham’s superb characterisations it’s hard to read The King’s Falcon in print (although still a treat of course!) Do you have any plans to record the last two R and Cs? I think you mentioned this spring elsewhere in a blog. I know they’re long!

    1. Thank you, Vanessa – so happy to hear that you and your mum have been enjoying both the books and lovely Alex. With regard to The King’s Falcon, we will set dates for it to be recorded but at present Alex is about to begin recording Under A Dark Moon and that has pushed Falcon back a bit. As you’ll appreciate, Alex has other work and his diary gets very crowded! But I am certainly hoping we’ll be able to do the next R&C book this year.

      1. Thank you so much for Under the Dark Moon, Stella – what a delight! Adam and Camilla are wonderful characters and the storyline was fascinating. I particularly enjoyed meeting old friends, albeit briefly, and was delighted that you included Ashley and Athenais’s descendants in Paris – very clever!! So much looking forward to reading Leo’s story and hoping we won’t have to wait too long.

        1. Thank you, Helen – I’m delighted that you enjoyed Dark Moon. It took a lot longer to write than I’d expected – probably due to the general Covid malaise – but I’m quite pleased with the result. If you could find a moment to post a review on Amazon, I’d really appreciate it. Someone has given it 2 stars for not being a Roundheads & Cavaliers book!

  29. Dear Stella
    I first read a Splendid Defiance when I was a teenager and it was the only book I have ever stolen from the library. I still feel bad having deprived others of the joy of this book which is still my favourite of all of your books. The Roundheads and Cavsliers have also been read many times and my sisters and I frequently talk about them and enjoy them . In fact I feel I know English Civil War History than I ever thought possible via your books.
    I was so thrilled to find The Rockliffe series and the first Brandon brothers when I finally had time to read again after my third child turned two and started to sleep more at night!
    Please keep going with more stories – the Georgian period is jrich and the dialogue and characters are full of life and humour. Thank you again.

    1. Ooh Lydia – you naughty girl! And you just outed yourself. The library cops will be after you for sure. Seriously though, I’m delighted to hear that you’ve enjoyed – and continue to enjoy – the R&C series. You might find listening to one of them – probably A Splendid Defiance, I suspect – an interesting experience. As I remarked to another reader the other day, my 17th century books are probably where lovely Alex Wyndham is at his best.
      As you’ll have seen, Brandon Two (Under A Dark Moon) is available for pre-order and will be released next month. I hope to get the paperback out around the same time for those who prefer print to ebooks.

  30. Hi Stella

    Just to flag when I went to Smashwords to pre-order your new book, I can’t. All the site will do is let me add the book to my library (which of course I can’t either as it’s not out yet!). It may just be my IT and I will hang in there and buy when it lets me, but thought I should let you know in case it’s a general problem. Really looking forward to it! Jane

    1. Hi Jane. I’ve just looked into this – had my husband ‘buy’ through Smashwords, in fact. It does work but, in our opinion (and this is probably what fooled you) it’s badly laid out/explained. I’ll drop Kevin as Smashwords an email about it later on just to see what he says.
      However, here’s the thing. You find Dark Moon and click on it. Then you see a screen with a blue box to the right on which it says pre-release that the book will be available on March 27th. The green strip invites you to add it to your library. But what it actually means is “buy it now and it will arrive in your library on Mar 27th. As I say, badly laid out and misleading – but it does do the job. Hope this helps and thanks for pointing it out!

    2. Kevin at Smashwords says that the pre-order facility as such is there for the other marketplaces Smashwords supply – Kobo, Nook, Apple etc. At Smashwords it self, you can only put a pre-order on your wish list and buy it when it’s released. Sorry for the mix-up but thanks for mentioning it. I wouldn’t have known this if you hadn’t.

  31. Having been originally enchanted by ‘A Splendid Defiance’ and then ‘The Marigold Chain’, I read ‘The Black Madonna’ & ‘A Garland of Straw’ as they were published in 1992 & 1993 respectively. There followed a 27 -year wait until I read ‘The King’s Falcon’ & ‘Lords of Misrule’ and I am delighted to be renewing old acquaintances. I am intrigued, however, as to why Eden Maxwell’s twin siblings, Felix and Felicity were renamed Tobias and Tabitha.
    My apologies if this is covered elsewhere and I have not picked it up.
    Yours sincerely

    1. Hi Linda. I changed Felix & Felicity to Tobias & Tabitha when I started re-issuing the R&C series independently. I did it because there was a possibility that the Felix character might one day be a hero – and Felix doesn’t work for me as a hero’s name. In fact, as you know, Toby’s book hasn’t been written yet – and may never be. I’ve looked at doing it several times and always been put off by the historical background which, in many respects, is similar to that of Garland – and, so far, I haven’t been able to face travelling that road again.

      1. Dear Stella,
        Many thanks for your reply with its explanation.
        I have now finished ‘Lords of Misrule’ – I had my usual problem when reading a good book- exacerbated in this instance because I knew that it was the end ( for now, anyway) of a great series- of what to read it as quickly as possible and yet dreading reaching the end. However, lovely it is to reread a book, there is nothing quite like the voyage of discovery that comes with the first reading. So, now I must hope that you will, indeed, write Tobias’ story ( perhaps he could go back to Genoa?). Having had his name changed, perhaps he deserves his own book! I will keep my fingers crossed and in the meantime, read more of your 18 century novels. I am a member of the Covent Garden Minuet Company ( you might find our website interesting) and really hope that after the pandemic, we can return to our dancing. Perhaps we’ll be able to welcome you to one of our performances in the future.
        Yours sincerely
        Linda Smith

        1. Hi Linda,
          Toby remains a possible future project but at present, having completed the second Brandon Brothers book, the next task is to finish the trilogy with Leo’s story. I took a quick look at the Minuet Company – it looks interesting and a lot of fun. Very impressive costumes!

  32. Hello Stella, thank you for writing such lovely books . I first discovered them in the 1980,s. A Splendid Defiance in fact . Was the first one of your books I read. I have just finished Lords of Misrule. Which splendidly combines fascinating history with a beautiful and very adult love story, a subtle and elegant read.. I shall look forward to reading them all again please keep writing them. They bring great pleasure in these troubled times.

    1. Thank you so much, Rosemary – always a pleasure to hear from someone who enjoys my work.
      I’ve just finished writing the second book in the Brandon Brothers trilogy – Under a Dark Moon – and it’s currently going through the various pre-publication process so I hope to have the e-book on pre-order soon.

      1. Hello Stella, What wonderful news, I throughly enjoyed the 1st book in the Brandon Bros series, in fact it kept me up all night to finish it, well worth the loss of a nights sleep. I live in Scotland so the haggis episode reduced me to all consuming giggles.
        With very best wishes.

        1. I’m glad you enjoyed the haggis tale – I have to be honest and admit that I overheard a Scotsman completely fooling an American tourist with a slightly different version of it in an Edinburgh pub some years ago. Since it was exactly Max’s style of humour, I couldn’t resist letting him ‘borrow’ it.

    2. Hell Stella, Apologies for bothering you at a busy time, but do you have a date for the paperback version of your 2nd Brandon Bros story yet ?
      I am looking forward so much to reading it after enjoying the first one so much.
      Best wishes.

        1. Dear Stella,
          Thank you that is wonderful news. I shall order a copy as soon as possible. I am sure I shall enjoy it as well .
          With apologies for the typing error in my earlier comment !!!
          Please keep safe and enjoy your writing.
          Best wishes.

          1. You’re not the only one who has asked, Rosemary! I’ll be putting a post out about it tomorrow. It’s a bit of a juggling act in the last few days before a new release – keeping the title visible but not boring folk to death!

  33. Just received my paperback copy if Midwinter Magic. The cover us even more beautiful than the tiny picture on Amazon! Where do you find such lovely paintings? So much better than the covers of so many contemporary novels. Although i loved listening to the audio version, i can’t wait to read the print version and enjoy jt all over again! Each has its own advantages and gives one a slightly different experience….but still much pleasure and a enjoyment!
    Happy writing!

    1. Glad you like the cover, Jane – it’s fun, isn’t it? This particular picture is one of a series painted by Federico Andreotti of what appears to be the same (or very similar) group of people at various social events. They’re all very colourful and give the impression of everyone having a good time – which is what I like about them.

      1. Thanks for the information on the cover painting. Yes it is fun and looks as if it was done just for the story. What a wonderful choice!

      2. Hi, I love your books. Best mix of romance and history. Being from Ireland we don’t learn about the English civil war here. I have been trying to get my hands on a copy of Lucifer’s Champion. I am also a major Georgette Heyer fan but I would love to read your novel. Why is it not available on Kindle? I have checked online and I can’t get the book itself anywhere. Thanks, Sonja Kennedy

        1. Hi Sonja. The reason you can’t get hold of Lucifer’s Champion is that I’ve never re-released it and I never will. It was my first attempt at writing and it shows – so I’ve chosen to let it die quietly. There may possibly be one or two very old, used copies lurking around but I honestly advise you not to waste your money.

  34. Just finished listening to Midwinter Magic and Alex Wyndhams amazing reading if it. I treated myself to both the audio and the paperback versions
    for the holidays. And what a perfectly splendid gift it was! Thank you so much for a truly wonderful story and the two charming romances within it.
    I absolutely adore all your characters. .And what a great resolution to Rosalind’s blindness…i wanted to cheer and cry at the same time! The best Christmas gift she and her family could have gotten! And with all her friends there to share the joy, too. I shall miss Rock &Co, but i do have all the paperbacks so i can visit them whenever i wish! Perhaps sometime in the future you will relent and write another story about them? (one can always hope….)
    While i am sorry to see the series end, you could not have found a better way to do it(except making it longer! 🙂
    I can’t wait for the next one in the new series you are writing to come out.
    If i could make a wish it would be that you could write faster and have your books available at least every six months! That not being reality, i’ll take what i can get.
    All the best for the New Year!

    1. So pleased you enjoyed it, Jane. Thank you for your lovely comments. If you could put them into a review on Audible, that would be terrific and very much appreciated.
      Adam Brandon’s story – Under a Dark Moon – is almost completely written and I’ve begun the lengthy editing/correcting/changing my mind phase that has to be done before it will be ready for release. Watch this space/
      A very Happy (and safe) New Year to you and yours.

      1. Already done!
        Can’t wait to read Under a Dark Moon!
        Thank you for so much pleasure!

  35. I have just this very minute finished Midwinter Magic. I hate to see the series come to an end, but I could not have asked for a better ending. Thank you for the early Christmas present!

  36. Hi Stella, I have just bought the paperback of Midwinter Magic and am very much looking forward to reading it – I love all your books and have collected them all. It’s great to have them out in paperback, not just audio, as I find paper books so much more satisfying to read. I see the novella is, sadly, the last of the Rockliffe series. But I wondered if you were going on with the Brandon Brothers series – I am keen to learn the fate of the two younger brothers, both brilliant characters. With best wishes, and Happy Christmas, Polly

    1. Thank you for your kind comments, Polly and I hope you enjoy Midwinter. Sadly, the Rockliffe series had to end at some point – but I daresay some of the characters may re-appear from time to time. Two, in fact, have a part to play in Brandon 2 – Under A Dark Moon. This is Adam’s story and, though it has taken much longer than I anticipated, is now almost completely written – if not edited and all the other things one does to make a book publishable. All being well, it should be out sometime in the early part of 2021.

      1. That’s great – very many thanks Stella. I will look forward to Adam’s adventures next year! Polly

  37. I came across your books quite by accident recently. Someone on Goodreads happened to mention your name in a review and, after Googling you on a whim, I decided to buy “The Parfit Knight.” I’m so glad I did! I’ve delved into the historical romance genre in the past year and haven’t really been satisfied with the books I’ve read. You’re the only author (other than Georgette Heyer) that I’ve truly enjoyed reading. The stories and characters are so well-crafted and evocative. I can’t wait to read the rest of the Rockliffe series and go on to your other works. Thanks for helping me get through a somewhat tedious year of quarantining!

    1. Thank you, Lindsay – I’m so glad you’re enjoying Rock & Co and delighted they’ve brightened up what has been a pretty awful year for all of us. As you probably know, a final Rockliffe novella (Midwinter Magic) is due for release in roughly 3 weeks. As for my English Civil War books … they are rather different in that there is a great deal of emphasis on the history of the period. I’d suggest that you try A Splendid Defiance first – it’s shorter and therefore easier to swallow! Meanwhile, take care and keep your chin up – that’s all any of us can do at present.

      1. Thank you Stella for saving my sanity during the first lockdown. I found your books following a recommendation by Hilary Rose in The Times and I have enjoyed reading them all – more than once! So much looking forward to the Christmas novella. I have recently been diverted – again by an article in The Times – to the Bridgerton novels of Julia Quinn (quite entertaining but not as wonderful as yours) . I read that they were being filmed by Netflix so looked on IMDB to see the cast. I was amazed (appalled?!) to find that one of the characters is called Genevieve Delacroix. Are you aware of this? Can you do anything about it? It can’t be right to pinch your characters, can it?

        1. If Rock & Co have been any help during the recent unpleasantness, I’m delighted to hear it. You may be amused to learn that the Hilary Rose article appeared while I was on holiday. I knew nothing about it. All I saw was sales of The Parfit Knight rocketing to unprecedented heights and thought it had to be a mistake. It wasn’t until almost a month later that I found out what had caused it.
          As for Julia Quinn’s Genevieve Delacroix … I’ve read The Duke and I and don’t recall a character of that name. But truthfully, Ms Quinn might have written her book before I wrote Hazard – and didn’t pinch from me any more than I did from her. Since one can’t copyright character names any more than one can copyright a book title, it isn’t really an issue … but thank you for minding on my behalf. Will you be watching the Netflix adaptation, do you think? Judging by some of the ‘stills’ I’ve seen, I’m in two minds about it.

          1. I assume it was the scriptwriter who chose the name Genevieve Delacroix – perhaps he/she is a fan of the Rockcliffe series?! But then they would have televised that series rather than Bridgerton – a much better idea. Having said that, I don’t particularly enjoy watching my favourite books on screen, I much prefer my interpretation (and yours, of course)

          2. I agree with you about not always liking the film-maker’s interpretation. And I do prefer characters portrayed on screen to bear at least some resemblance to the way they’re described in the book. But I suspect I’ll watch episode one of Bridgerton before I make a decision!

          3. Dear Stella – (Spoiler alert!) Thank you for Midwinter Magic. Such a delight and so well named! I’m only sorry it wasn’t longer except that I wouldn’t have been able to go to bed tonight. I had so hoped you would resolve Rosalind’s story and you did it beautifully. If that really is the end of the Rockcliffe series I shall have to go back and read them all again while I wait for the next Brandon Brothers book.

          4. Thank you, Helen – so glad you enjoyed it and hope it didn’t keep you up too late! As you probably guessed on reading Midwinter Magic, I wrote it for all the friends of Rock & Co – and also, since I’d been asked for it many times, to complete Rosalind’s story. But looking back, I hope it is also ‘just what the doctor ordered’ for the ending of this dismal year.

      2. I read that you are hesitant to pursue audio recordings of your third and fourth English Civil War books, due to both cost and lack of interest from your U.S. readers. Is that right? I’d just like to say that this stateside reader would love to hear any and all remaining books in the series, and actually, any and all of your work read aloud by Alex Wyndham. Your books are wonderful, as is Mr. Wyndham’s narration. (I still smile whenever I think of his depiction of the disgruntled parrot in The Parfit Knight.) I’ve listened to and loved The Black Madonna and Garland of Straw, and I hope you two will delight all your listeners again by bringing The King’s Falcon and Lords of Misrule into the world of audiobooks.

        1. Thanks for your kind comments, Francesca – I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the R&C audios so far. To answer your question … it’s true that, understandably, less of that series are sold in the US than the UK but the real issue for me is cost. I’m independent, I pay for audio production up front and the bigger the book, the more expensive it becomes. The Black Madonna, for example, has yet to break even. All that said, it’s more than likely that Alex and I will plunge into The King’s Falcon some time in the early part of 2021 – Alex’s schedule permitting. The bigger problem which has recently been rocking the audio-authors community is Audible’s policy of allowing unlimited returns for any (or no) reason at all and debiting the authors’ royalties to recoup the costs of them. Abusers of the system are literally listening to book after book on just one credit. I suspect that someone is doing it right now with my Rockliffe series. So, in addition to everything else, I now have to consider whether or not to remain with Audible at all. In the meantime, on a more positive note, Midwinter Magic is under QA review at Audible right now and should be out before too long. Once again, thanks for getting in touch.

  38. You may know already but there are some disobliging reviews of your books on Ebay adverts that appear to have been written by someone who has not actually read your books…I have given a 5* review myself which has bumped up the overall score somewhat but others who subscribe to your wesite and appreciate your work may wish to leave reviews as well do the same so an accurate impression is given!

    Really looking forward to the Novella


    1. Thanks for letting me know, Jane and I’ll get my husband to take a look for me. However, I don’t sell on EBay so if someone is selling my books there, they must have bought them from Amazon at list price in the first place. If the ‘bad’ reviews look as if they may become an issue, I could (as you suggest) invite website subscribers to lend a hand though I doubt many would do it. But thank you for wading in on my behalf!

  39. Please can we have a printed edition, not just an e book for the novella out at Christmas about Caroline Sarre’s house party.

    1. Yes, Jenny. I’ll be releasing the Midwinter Magic paperback at the same time the e-book comes out. But since I can’t put the print version on pre-order at Amazon, it’s not possible to list it there yet.

  40. Hi, Well my husband and I just breezed through the final Roundhead book and enjoyed every moment. Though I still look back on the Black Madonna as my favorite, perhaps because it was the first of your books I read. Anyway, ready for a new fix of excellent history and wonderful characters. Also reading your books has been a learning process for me– late blooming might be writer. Your character development is admirable and dialogue the best I’ve ever run into. So no pressure, but any plans for a new book? Thanks for the wonderful hours of reading & listening. And a quick PS– how did you find Alex Windham? He’s a perfect match for your fabulous dialogue. Cheers- Carol / Austin, Texas.

    1. So glad you’ve been enjoying Alex and the R&C audios, Carol. As for finding Alex – he was one of about 30 potential narrators I auditioned way back at the beginning and it was no contest. Alex was (and is!) far and away the best. We plan to do the other two R&C titles in due course. The timing depends largely on Alex’s schedule of other work and a bit on me as I struggle to get new covers done for Falcon and Misrule. (This is surprisingly time-consuming.) Then there’s the Rockliffe Christmas novella which we’re hoping to bring to audio around the same time as the book. And amidst all this, I am roughly half-way through Brandon Brothers 2; Adam’s story – which is taking much longer than I’d hoped.
      If you haven’t already done so, perhaps you could find a few minutes to review The Black Madonna or, since it’s so newly out, Garland of Straw – on Audible? It would be very much appreciated by both Alex and myself.

  41. Hi Stella – I’ve loved your books for decades and I’m currently re-visiting your audio books titles. Alex Wyndham is brilliant! At the moment I’m listening to the Marigold Chain and I was wondering if you had ever considered telling Giles Beckwith’s story after he leaves London? I’ve always had a soft spot for his character and Alex’s reading has re-ignited my interest. Thanks again for all your wonderful books – With Kind Regards – Anne

    1. Thank you, Anne. I agree with you about Giles – he is a very sympathetic character. From time to time, I have considered continuing his story but never done so. Two reasons for that, really. First, I’ve yet to come up with a first-class story line for him, deciding whether his story takes place in the Caribbean or back in England. And second, some other book has always got in the way. So glad you’re enjoying Alex. He’s currently recording Garland of Straw for me so that should be along fairly soon – hopefully by the end of August.

      1. 8 August 2020

        That advance information helps as Audible is not showing Garland of Straw available for preorder yet. Will the remaining works in the Roundheads and Caviliers series be set to Wyndham’s narration thereafter? If so, when? With appreciation.

        1. Garland of Straw went to Audible on Aug 6th and is currently undergoing the usual QA checks. This can take up to 30 days. I am an independent author, commissioning (and paying for!) my own audios – they don’t ‘belong’ to Audible, as such. And, like all the other authors in the same position as me, I don’t have a release date in advance. The first I know of it is an e-mail from Audible on the day it actually becomes available for purchase – which, as you may imagine, isn’t exactly helpful. As for the remaining titles in the R&C series – yes. Alex and I do hope to collaborate on them but as yet no dates etc have been set. Hope this helps!

    2. Thanks Stella – I do hope you find a 1st class story line for Giles at some point in the future – I must admit to being partial to Giles’ story continuing in Caribbean Climes – so many exotic and exciting adventures to be had among the English Colonies and let’s not forget the potential for some Pirate Action!! ? I’m listening to The Parfait Knight at the moment and looking forward to re-visiting the rest of the Rockliffe stories on Audible. I have all of your Amazon Audio Books and you have 5 star rating/reviews from me – will keep my eye out for Garland of Straw. I remember borrowing ‘A Splendid Defiance’ from my Public Library when I was @ College in the mid-80’s and the rest as they say – is History! ? It’s been lovely to have a chat with you – Take Care – Cheers – Anne

  42. Both of the series listings on iTunes and Smashwords for Cavaliers and Roundheads have A Splendid Defiance as number 1 and the books from Black Madonna to Lords of Misrule as books two through five. Did you mean to do this? If not, it might help to update these books’ information so that A Splendid Defiance is shown as the standalone it is. Including it in the series is probably confusing to new readers.

    1. I didn’t do it, Stefanie – Smashwords did in the days before they installed the series manager on the author dashboard. I’ve now altered it.

      1. Okay. I’m glad you could fix it. On a related note, I see that Garland of Straw is out. If you could also let the folks at Audible know that Black Madonna and Garland of Straw are part of a series I think that would be helpful for listeners. They could click on the series names, and see which other titles are in it. I see that this was set up for the Rockliffe Series.

        1. I think it should already be marked up as a series, Stefanie – though I’ll look into it. However, Madonna was only book one (so not a series at that point, if you see what I mean) and the second book, Garland, only came out a couple of days ago. Things get done piecemeal at Audible – such whispersync.

  43. Hi Stella,
    I’ve been reading your books for almost as long as you’ve been writing them! I have a very old and treasured copy of A splendid Defiance, my favourite. I read both A black Madonna and Garland of Straw as they were released, and loved them. It took me years to discover that you had, in fact, written books 3 and 4. I was in withdrawal until this happened. I’ve also read the Rockliffe saga, which I loved. Looking forward To the next Brandon story x

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments, Wendy. Adam Brandon’s story is not progressing as rapidly as I would like – but I persevere! On the plus side, you can look forward to a Rockliffe novella in time for Christmas.

  44. Dear Stella
    I have just finished Garlands of Straw. Loved all the characters, so well drawn and the way you integrated the history in the story by using. The characters experiences and conversation was wonderful. I am gobsmacked! I should have known from your other books that you would have an amazing, incredible tie up the loose ends ending! There is absolutely no way I would have even come close to suspecting who the villains were! You are definitely a master at stringing the reader along! Just when one thinks one has the solution….bang you turn the tables on us! I was sorry to see Wat die, that was such a loss and so sad. I do hioe that Gabriel and his mom are able to become reconciled after awhile. It would interesting to read a prequel about Susannah and Robert and Gabriel as a boy.
    Thrilled to read that Garlands of straw is to be read by Alex Whyndam…he really brings your characters to life.
    One question though, at the end of Garland you seem to hint at another story
    In the future “ our children and grandchildren will look for it. And we’ll trust that if the time comes, the Garland will want to be found once more.” I hope after that teaser you do have it in mind to write it!
    On to the next, the King’s Falcon!

    1. Thank you, Jane. If you enjoyed Garland, I think you will like The King’s Falcon. As for the Lacey Garland … perhaps it will come to light in Max Brandon’s lifetime. Who knows?

  45. Hello Stella I am just re visiting the rockcliffe series and wondered is there would be another book where Rosalind would regain her sight, that would be a wonderful ending to the series

    1. Hi Christine … you can look out for a Rockliffe Christmas Novella in December – but as to what is (or isn’t) in it, that would be telling, wouldn’t it?

  46. I have just devoured the Rockliffe novels and I adored them! Thank you so much for such beautiful, rich characters. I’m not ready yet to say goodbye to them all so I feel I must download the Audible versions! I came across your books after I google searched “books similar to Georgette Heyer” and I’m a glad I did, I was not disappointed

    1. Thank you, Roseanne! If you’ve enjoyed reading the books, I’m sure the audios won’t disappoint – Alex Wyndham is terrific. As well as Rockliffe, there’s also A Trick of Fate (Brandon Brothers #1) – I’m currently working on #2. And you can look out for a Rockliffe novella in time for Christmas. Happy reading and listening – and if you could spare a few moments to review on Amazon, that would be greatly appreciated. Stay safe.

  47. Dear Stella, thank you for whisking me off into the Georgian era again with A Trick of Fate. It’s right up there with The Wicked Cousin on my list of faves – lots of engaging “bickering” between the main characters, plus a tour through Scotland! What fun. And I have finally warmed to the Earl of Sherbourne… it just took me a while to get there.
    Looking forward to more Brandons in the future. And curious to know if any likely scenarios are percolating in your mind yet with regard to Toby and a final R&C book. It would be tremendously entertaining to see him finally meet his match. ?
    With thanks for many an enjoyable hour spent with nose in book,


    1. So glad you enjoyed A Trick of Fate, Judy – and decided Ralph Sherbourne wasn’t such a bad guy after all. He was my first attempt at ‘rehabilitating’ a semi-villain and it was an interesting exercise. As for Toby Maxwell … no plans as such at present. I’m currently concentrating on Adam Brandon’s story and looking forward to working with Alex Wyndham later in the year when he’ll be recording Garland of Straw.

  48. I just read a little further in Cadenza and saw that you changed Dolly back into Nell. Sorry to have bothered you?. I meant what I said in my last post. You’re my new favorite author? —Melissa

    1. It sounds as if you have confused Dolly Cavendish with Nell Caversham, Melissa. Nell, as you know, is Rock’s sister and married to Harry Caversham. Dolly, Lady Cavendish is an influential society matron and has been popping in and out of the Rockliffe series since Book 2. Hope that clears things up for you! For the rest, so glad you’ve been enjoying Rock & Co; but if you plan to give the Roundheads & Cavaliers a try, I suggest you begin with A Splendid Defiance – it’s shorter than the others and will give you a chance to decide if you like the change of period.

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