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Rockliffe Box Set 1- Books 1 – 3

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  1. I’ve finished all of your books (most recently your Civil War books) and now I feel that there is a huge hole where my “friends” were. I miss them so much! So, I’ll ask a question – will the Restoration, do you think that Francis and Ashley will return to England or meet Eden properly? I recall that Ashley meets Eden briefly in Scotland during Cromwell’s time but it seems to me that they must be destined to meet as friends. I understand that most sequestered property was returned to original owners after the Restoration so Francis, as just about the only living member of his family, and the current Viscount, could reasonably have come back – if only for a visit. Perhaps if you write an ending for Tobias a few “friends” could visit!

    1. Although I haven’t made any firm decision on it yet, the possibility of a 5th R&C book telling Toby’s story and ending with the Restoration has been on my radar for some time. At present, however, I’m still immersed in Rockliffe Six – Cadenza – which should be available for pre-order tomorrow. As for what comes next … watch this space.

  2. I really like the new covers for the Rockcliffe series and I have just completed buying all the audio versions of your books through Audible. I am looking forward to the next book in the Rockcliffe series.

    1. Thank you, Sandra. Yes, I’m pleased with the new covers – as you can probably tell, I’m not a great fan of the current fashion for bare-chested men and/or couples in a clinch. As for Alex – he’s brilliant, isn’t he?

  3. There are more characters un resolved in both series. Will there be more books in each series?

    1. With the exception of Toby Maxwell in the R&C series, I’m not entirely sure which characters you mean. If you could specify, I’ll try to answer your question. In the meantime, I am currently completing Rockliffe Book Six.

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