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Max Brandon made his debut in Cadenza (Rockliffe Book 6). Now he is receiving bills for services he never ordered and goods he did not buy.  (In 250 years’ time, this will be called identity theft – but, it not being among Mother Shipton’s many prophecies, Max doesn’t know that.)  What he does know is that he is going to catch the man responsible whatever the cost. This leads to a haphazard chase involving ruined abbeys, a hunt for hermits, a grotesque portrait … and a love story which, but for an odd trick of fate, might never have been given a second chance.

A TRICK OF FATE will be released on October 25th

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Author: Stella Riley


4 thoughts on “A TRICK OF FATE”

  1. Wonderful news, Stella…a great start to the day! Will the audiobook be released at the same time as the print edition? The Riley/Wyndham collaboration is unbeatable, I think and I look forward to more hours spent in the company of old friends. I’ve just finished A Splendid Defiance again and as always Alex gave life to your richly drawn, absorbing characters and as always he was pitch perfect. I look forward to more of the same from you both…please!
    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you, Pat – so glad you’re enjoying our collaboration. The print edition of A Trick of Fate should hopefully become available around the same time as the e-book or shortly after it. The audio will take longer because, as always, it’s a matter of when Alex can fit it in to a schedule which contains acting work as well as book narration. At present, we’re still trying to do that. But rest assured that it will be along as soon as possible.

  2. I am so looking forward to this. I do hope we get a glimpse of characters from some of the previous Rockcliffe books although I know this is the start of a new series.

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