The Montesoro Legacy

Brandon Brothers – LEO

A dangerous step-brother … a letter from a Venetian bank …  a secret key … and London’s most fashionable portraitist.

When Sir Jerome Farrell learns that his step-siblings, Mariella and Donato Talbot, are beneficiaries of an unexpected inheritance, he decides to seize it for himself.

Already struggling to protect Donato from their step-brother’s other intentions, Mariella realises two things.  To claim the Montesoro legacy, Jerome must make a journey of several weeks; she also knows, as he does not, that without a certain item in her possession, he will return empty-handed.

Successful, sought-after and contemplating marriage to a lovely, young widow, Leo Brandon’s commission to paint Charlotte Farrell, takes him to Surrey for three days. Had he known how those days would re-arrange his life, he might have made the catastrophic mistake of staying in London. Fortunately, he didn’t.

The agents of M Section, meanwhile, are interested in Sir Jerome for reasons of their own and are not pleased when he leaves the country.   Mariella, however, is delighted to see the back of him.    


The Montesoro Legacy is a beautifully romantic, clever mystery, and a fabulous addition to Stella Riley’s catalogue of books. A perfect ending to the Brandon Brothers trilogy

A fascinating storyline, sympathetic new characters and the chance to meet old friends again. A delight!

It is always such a pleasure to read Stella Riley. Her characters are warm, real, humorous and above all, human.

There’s one truly beautiful and inspiring point in this story that completely took my breath. I was not expecting it, and it stands out for me as a truly moving and spine-tingling moment.

There are some truly memorable events; two which immediately spring. These brought a lump to my throat, tears to my eyes and are worth rereading.

There is plenty of action as Adam, Camilla and M Section hunt down Sir Jerome. It is a real battle of wits supported by good detective work, gritty determination and a certain imaginative panache.

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