Brandon Brothers – ADAM

Meet Adam Brandon … acutely intelligent and master-swordsman but gradually realising that he isn’t yet ready for the future he had previously planned.

Victim of a cruel deception, Camilla Edgerton-Foxe has a jaundiced view of the male sex and a tongue as sharp as her wits … but she also possesses an extraordinary talent.

A peculiar encounter offers Adam the kind of employment for which he is uniquely suited and which will exercise his mind as well as his muscles. The fly in the ointment is that Miss Edgerton-Foxe comes with it … as does Rainham, viscount and master of disguise, with a frequently misplaced sense of humour.

From Paris, via London, to the mists and mysteries of Romney Marsh, these three are sent on the trail of something darker and infinitely more dangerous than the kegs of brandy that come ashore at the dark of the moon.


Fabulous – Love all of Stella’s books. Lots of historical detail, great characterisation and good plot development. Witty and intelligent story telling.

Gosh I love this author! Another fabulous story from Stella Riley, beautifully written and utterly engrossing. I’ll never look at a cheese grater in the same way again…

Intricately plotted, with loveable characters, witty dialogue, and a lovely romanceUnder A Dark Moon is the second book in Ms. Riley’s Brandon Brothers Trilogy and, as with all her books, it’s eminently readable, impeccably researched and intricately plotted, with loveable characters, witty dialogue, and a lovely romance.

Excellent storytelling – Thoroughly enjoyed this book. A great story, with real people and real life rather than the romanticised, inaccurate and poor stories of a most historical fiction. Historical thriller and romance in one – couldn’t ask for better.

Another winner from Stella Riley and quite different – This story is quite different from Stella Riley’s previous ones, and every bit as good. It is a rattling good tale of smuggling, espionage, treachery, betrayal, danger and dark deeds taking place on a part of the Kent coast. There are also friendships, loyalty and a delightful romance which unfolds slowly to a satisfying conclusion.

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