Hazard (Rockliffe #5)

Hazard:  a game of Chance and Luck, made riskier when Fate is rolling the dice.

For Aristide Delacroix, the first throw summons shades from his past. A man he had met, just once, over a card-table … and the lovely girl indirectly responsible for plunging his life into catastrophe.

For Lord Nicholas Wynstanton, tired of waiting for Madeleine Delacroix to make up her mind, it slyly suggests he begin a whole new game with loaded dice; while for Madeleine, it devises a terrifying lesson in missed opportunities and the uncertainty of second chances.

And for Genevieve Westin, hoping widowhood will be happier than marriage, it brings a rude awakening – leaving a single, wild gamble her only option.

A cardsharp turned businessman, a duke’s charming brother, a stubborn, razor-edged beauty and a desperate widow.

Four players in a game of Hazard … all playing for very high stakes.


‘Like wandering through a Gainsborough painting with touches of Hogarth.’

‘A beautifully-crafted tale …’

‘Hazard is a fabulous addition to this thoroughly enjoyable series of Georgian romances.  Ms. Riley’s writing is sharply focused and elegant, her characters are strongly drawn, the chemistry between the leads is undeniable and both romances are brought to immensely satisfying conclusions.’                                          All About Romance

‘I wish there was an extra something one could add for exceptional writing, as is the case with Stella Riley; she deserves well in excess of 5 stars.’

‘As always, it was a delight to meet old friends and see how their lives are progressing. Also as always, I did not want the book to end but have had a smile on my face all day.’

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