Midwinter Magic (Rockliffe Novella # 7)

Lord and Lady Sarre cordially invite you to spend Christmas at Sarre Park …

Celebrate among old friends … and perhaps a gate-crasher or two. 

There will be wassailers and kissing-boughs; music, dancing and romance; laughter and some tears.

Above all, expect the unexpected because at Christmas anything can happen.

So accept your invitation for what promises to be the most talked-of house-party of 1778 … and is also a last Huzzah to the Rockliffe series.

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Among all the festive treats on offer this year I doubt I will enjoy anything as much as I have enjoyed Stella Riley’s Christmas novella: “Midwinter Magic”. It has everything I look for in a story: warmth, wit, laughter, a touch of jeopardy, two lovely romances and a sprinkling of true Christmas magic.

Midwinter Magic is a novella that wraps up the highly enjoyable Rockliffe Series. Centring around a house-party thrown by Lord and Lady Sarre at Christmas, this is a wonderful festive treat and gets you into the Christmas spirit. There is merriment and gaiety all around, not to mention love in the air for two couples, and to top it all off a Christmas miracle.

What a joyful book this is! Anyone whose has read the series will be delighted to have another visit with these wonderful characters. 

Ah… I knew it would be very good. I was quite sure it would be as marvellous as all the other Rockliffe books, but it surpassed my expectations in a most delightful way. So my dears, gather with all our old friends and toast to friendship, love, and a magical Christmas… and most especially to Stella Riley and the world she created that has been most pleasurable to visit. 

I’m sitting here in tears at this lovely story. I am not easily brought to tears, either! All I can say is, if you’ve read the Rockliffe series, this really is the icing on the cake. If you’ve not read it – well, put this down and start at the beginning! Midwinter Magic might have to wait till next Christmas, or if you’re a voracious reader, you might read it as the crocuses peep from their winter’s slumber.

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