The Trial of Charles 1 – a dramatic reconstruction!

Some months ago, I was asked to write a play.
Something suitable to be performed in Sandwich’s ancient courtroom
during both the annual Festival and Arts Week.
This, since I’ve never written a play before, was a bit scary … but here is the result.


The cover of our programme

Every member of the cast is portraying a real person and all the language in the actual trial sequences is authentic … words spoken by the King himself and by the various officers of the court. Even my own additional scenes feature people who were really there.  (For my sins, I’ll be playing the part of Anne Fairfax!)  If you’ve ever wondered what really happened during those four days in January 1649, it’s in our play – warts and all, as someone who shall be nameless once said.

Our beautiful courtroom, dating from the reign of Elizabeth 1

To our amazement and delight, tickets for both August performances sold out within five days.  But anyone who missed out will have the chance to catch this unique performance when we repeat it on September 17th & 18th for Sandwich Arts Week.

Author: Stella Riley


3 thoughts on “The Trial of Charles 1 – a dramatic reconstruction!”

  1. It’s very unlikely to be staged again by our group, Wendy. But when September’s performances are behind us, I plan to make it available free on Amazon for use by schools and other drama groups. This means that, even if you never get to see the actual play, you can at least read the script!

    1. I shall look forward to its release Stella. I really wish I could watch it though and my granddaughter would just love it.

  2. Oh I really wish I could see it, Stella. And I would happily make the journey. I assume that if it’s ever to be staged again you will post on your blog? Cheltenham has two lovely theatres plus there’s Sudeley of course!! And, as you know, Sudeley featured in the civil war 🙂

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