Early 5 stars for the audio of THE BLACK MADONNA

Alex Wyndham gives an outstanding performance in this audiobook; he captures the voices, characters and emotional nuances perfectly … and to hear Luciano as the romantic hero steals my breath. As always, Alex Wyndham elevates the experience to a whole new dimension.”

Awesome! What a great author and narrator!”


Author: Stella Riley


4 thoughts on “Early 5 stars for the audio of THE BLACK MADONNA”

  1. Thank you Stella (and Alex), for the truly addictive audio of the Black Madonna (I have reviewed it on Audible). I have loved the book since I first read it in 1995 – since then I have re-read it a number of times and even knowing what was coming I still felt the need to reach the end as soon as I could. Alex’s voice is like liquid chocolate and his repertoire of accents certainly brought the characters to life, bitchy self-centred Celia, slimy Nathan and the Maxwell family, the regional accents of the some of the characters was wonderful. All in all I loved the length, the detail and the ‘colour’ added in this version – I hadn’t realised how much more detail can be conveyed this way. Wonderful!

    1. Thank you, Kate. I entirely agree about Alex’s performance. But as I’ve just remarked to Lesley Potter on Hussies, I think the way he’s handled the scene where Thomas Ferrars completely disintegrates is outstanding. Alex never takes it over the top but you can actually hear Ferrars crying. Quite brilliant.

  2. An excellent book performed by an outstanding actor. Well done Stella & Alex. Another triumph by a formidable double act.

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