“A gorgeous book for a cold, wet, miserable day …”


“This is a gorgeous book for a cold, wet, miserable day.  Stella Riley takes us once again to the 1770s. There is a mystery, a journey, peril and a love story but the strength of this book, as with all of Stella Riley’s books, is the characterisation. They are real people and you care what happens to them.”

“A well written romp with lots of touching scenes and some very funny moments. Haggis, anyone? I stumbled across Stella Riley’s books recently and consider her the best author of this genre.”

“I really loved this delightful story from a very talented author. In addition to the gorgeous characters of Frances and Max and their wonderful love story, I particularly like the mystery element, the road tour of the Scottish borders, the interactions of the family and the excellent dialogue.”

“I think this is probably Stella Riley’s most sensual love story … she manages to convey sexiness with a look or remark, mostly from outrageous Max with his funny, witty innuendos and Frances’s receptiveness to him – the air between them fairly sizzles.”

“This is a clever move away from the Rockliffe series without abandoning it entirely.  The eloquent writing, the wit and humour, the setting and locations and of course the characters are all testament to Stella Riley’s very considerable skills.”

And finally – not a formal review, but a comment made to me here on the website … “I have just finished A Trick of Fate and must say I absolutely loved it. I am Scottish and it was so nice to read a realistic portrayal of Scotland and Scots people rather than the cartoon versions that seem to be prevalent in a lot of historical fiction. I especially liked the haggis joke which made me laugh out loud.”

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Max Brandon made his debut in Cadenza (Rockliffe Book 6). Now he is receiving bills for services he never ordered and goods he did not buy.  (In 250 years’ time, this will be called identity theft – but, it not being among Mother Shipton’s many prophecies, Max doesn’t know that.)  What he does know is that he is going to catch the man responsible whatever the cost. This leads to a haphazard chase involving ruined abbeys, a hunt for hermits, a grotesque portrait … and a love story which, but for an odd trick of fate, might never have been given a second chance.

A TRICK OF FATE will be released on October 25th

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THE BLACK MADONNA greeted by 5 star reviews!

“Stella Riley’s excellent Roundheads & Cavaliers series gets off to a rousing start with Alex Wyndham’s reading of The Black Madonna.”

“Dazzling and beautiful – a tale of mystery and love read by a master narrator.”

“If you have never read or listened to a Stella Riley book, please run to get your hands on this one.”

“This book is a treasure, a keeper, to return to again and again!” 

“Fantastic!!! Stella Riley as author and Alex Wyndham as narrator have excelled … ”

“Wonderful narration of a great story!”

“The writing is brilliant; the dialogue is intelligent; the plot is fascinating; and Alex Wyndham is the best narrator I have ever heard.” 

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Early 5 stars for the audio of THE BLACK MADONNA

Alex Wyndham gives an outstanding performance in this audiobook; he captures the voices, characters and emotional nuances perfectly … and to hear Luciano as the romantic hero steals my breath. As always, Alex Wyndham elevates the experience to a whole new dimension.”

Awesome! What a great author and narrator!”


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HUZZAH! A B.R.A.G. Medallion for THE PLAYER!

I’m thrilled to announce that THE PLAYER has been honoured with a B.R.A.G. (Book Readers’ Appreciation Group) Medallion.

The B.R.A.G. review process is lengthy and detailed and, of the books submitted, only 20% to 25% are awarded a medallion.

Here is what the B.R.A.G, reviewer had to say:-
“This is a GREAT novel. It is the best novel I’ve read for indieBRAG. I am pleased to give it a very high rating. I have found a new historical romance author. THANK YOU. I love this book so much I had to get a paperback copy as well to have and to hold. One of the most fun stories I have ever read. I love, love, love this book and recommend it for a B.R.A.G. medallion.”

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