12 thoughts on “THE SHADOW EARL now in audio!”

  1. I really enjoyed the audiobook of “The Shadow Earl” narrated by Alex Wyndham. It sent me on an audiobook binge of the Brandon Brothers series. I do hope we will hear more of Donato, Mariella’s brother!
    I have been a fan of your story telling from first reading “A Splendid Defiance” when it was originally published. History, engaging characters, sparkling or taciturn dialogue depending on the individual, and vivid description that invoke such a sense of time, place and people, that I want to know more about and understand. Thanks for sharing these stories that stand the test of hearing and reading, again and again. Now off to explore the Rockcliffe series including the encore!

    1. Thank you so much, Tayo – Alex and I are delighted that you enjoyed The Shadow Earl audiobook. Equally, I’m amazed and flattered that you’ve been with me on my writing journey since back in the 1980s when A Splendid Defiance was first published. If Rockliffe is new to you, I hope you enjoy that series, too.

  2. I saw this was up on Audible/Amazon this morning and I’m so excited. I purchased the kindle version on release day, but waited until today to start the book because I really wanted to hear it on audio first. I expect I will be too engrossed listening to the book to sleep tonight!

      1. Hi Stella,
        I have just finished listening to The Shadow Earl – I cannot thank you enough for sharing your amazing talent – your writing is superb and you never disappoint! My favourites are the Rockcliffe series but that’s because I love that era, (but definitely can’t rule out your stand alone works …The marigold Chain for instance !) To find you have brought my favourite characters back in this novel was perfect !
        I have every Stella Riley on audio and cannot tell you how much I love relistening, I am an avid Georgette Heyer fan but you really do surpass even her !
        I know your fans cannot dictate what happens next but how wonderful if we had not heard the last of Rockcliffe and Co
        Take care and once again congratulations and thank you !

        1. Thank you so much, Maggie! After the horrid week I’ve had (thanks to the inaccurate and highly inflammatory remarks of one Shadow Earl reviewer) hearing from someone like yourself means a great deal and puts the world back in perspective. I can now try to get back to work on Daniel’s story – though I can’t promise that Rockliffe will make an appearance in it. But Benedict, Kit and Sophie have … and of course there are new characters on the stage.

          1. Sorry to hear you have had a bad week, unfortunately it is the nature of the beast when you are in the public domaine, there is one thing giving constructive criticism but sadly there is always someone who just can’t help themselves , usually down to ignorance ! Brush it off Stella and know the majority of your readers cannot praise you enough –
            Looking forward to your next one !

  3. Thanks Stella. So excited.! Can’t wait to listen to it. Always loved Alex’s readings of your books.

    1. Thanks, Jane. Something’s wrong with my post, though – it’s not showing the YouTube clip. I think I’ll have to remove it and start again.

      1. No worries! Just downloaded the audiobook! Can,t wait to start listening to it.
        I am sure it will be wonderful read as always!
        Thanks for giving me so much pleasure!

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