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  1. Well deserved. I’m surprised not more of your work has won awards. The detail and historical accuracy, plus such strong storylines make your work a pleasure to read.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments, Elisabeth – much appreciated. Actually, a number of my other books have won awards – some have several – but the truth is that most competition/award sites are US based making the English Civil War a very poor fit for any category. By contrast, The Coffee Pot Book Club is UK based and therefore (luckily for me) offered a category for Stuart & Commonwealth where The Black Madonna fitted very nicely!

  2. Hearty congratulations Stella! Anyone who reads these stories can’t fail to be enthralled by the way they take you into an entirely enveloping world. Every street corner and bowed shopfront, every character and countryside scene, the story takes you into a world that’s entirely believable, probably because it’s also historically accurate. I’ve learned so much about English history from you! So frame all the accolades, even if you’ll soon need a bigger house – big grin and huzza!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind remarks, Bea. I was surprised but thrilled that both Shadow and Madonna came out top in their various categories.

  3. More well deserved awards for your amazing works. It is so good to see both “The Black Madonna” and “The Shadow Earl” receiving recognition. Congratulations!

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