The print edition of A TRICK OF FATE is now in hand and will be released on November 1st.

The audiobook is scheduled for recording in November – more news later. Pre-order the e-book from Amazon, Kobo and Barnes & Noble – releasing on October 25th.

Author: Stella Riley


8 thoughts on “FOR THOSE WHO HAVE ASKED …”

  1. Thanks, Stella. (Really enjoyed the next Piano piece to come up on YouTube.) Glad to hear the excerpt of “Le Vertigo”. And the JC Bach “Andante”. And waiting for Friday week’s reveal of “Trick of Fate”. Yes!! Regards, Margo

    1. The Johann Christian Andante is beautiful, isn’t it? And I love Vertigo – so unexpected! Thanks for tipping me off about the R&C listings Down Under.

  2. Thrilled the world (us readers) needs as much Stella Riley as Stella Riley can give us – a web of characters in the web of their time.

      1. Excellent. Read that one, in the middle of book 3 (Falcon) so will hold off on Eden’s story till Audi- if I can manage to!

        1. It may be a fair wait, Pamela – with the books being so long, fitting them into Alex’s schedule is tricky. They are also expensive to do so I need to spread the cost a bit.

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