On the EXTRAS page today, a visit to the London Pantheon.

Among various notable events which took place there, the most bizarre is probably the exhibition of Lunardi’s balloon – shown fully inflated inside the Pantheon shortly after his 1784 successful 50 mile flight.

Author: Stella Riley



  1. Hi Stella
    Thank you for the extra regarding the Pantheon it was really interesting. I didn’t realise there was a connection to The Hagia Sofia . It was bought to life in the Player Adrian being my favourite in the Rockliffe series.

    1. I hadn’t realised it either, Deborah – and it was that link that particularly made me want to do the Pantheon, having been to Hagia Sofia several times myself. Thanks for your comments re Adrian. He’s one of my favourites as well.
      I’m starting a closed readers group on FB – a platform where my faithful readers can chat to each other, not just to me. I hope to get it sorted later today. Might you be interested in joining? After much debate, we’re calling it Stella’s Historical Hussies.

      1. Further to previous … Stella’s Historical Hussies is now up on FB. I don’t like adding folk, rather than inviting – so I leave it up to you, Deborah.

      2. Hi Stella
        I don’t use Facebook but I will continue to read your blog and extras page which I enjoy.

  2. How interesting. I had no idea that it was influenced by the Hagia Sophia. Thanks for the information!

    1. When I read that, I couldn’t resist doing the Pantheon instead of Vauxhall. I’m a bit of a Turkophile – went to Istanbul for the first of many visits back in 1981 and I also know the rest of the country pretty well, so the Hagia Sofia link was a gift.

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