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  1. Your books have provided me hours and hours of pleasure. Though I’ve liked every one and rated them all 5 stars, my favorites are Splendid Defiance, Trick of Fate and Parfit Night. Having enjoyed every one you have available on audio, will you be adding more of the Roundheads and Cavaliers series on audio as well? I noticed Garland of Straw has a mention of audio, but there was previous response to a reader not to expect it. Is it now possible?

    1. So glad you’re enjoying my work,Christy – and from both genres. You’ll be pleased to hear that Alex will be recording Garland of Straw during June/July. In normal times, this would mean you could count on the audio being released in August. Unfortunately – unless things change by then – Audible is experiencing huge delays in getting audios to market, presumably on account of people being off work during the virus crisis. The best we can do is to keep our fingers crossed that the global situation improves soon and in all ways for all of us.

  2. I have listened to the Black Madonna read by Alex such a brilliant riveting book. Just wanted to leave this positive message to Stella and Alex .. what a partnership.

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