The Rockliffe series was recommended in THE TIMES!

Yes – really!
Here is what Hilary Rose had to say:-

Are you a Georgette Heyer fan? Are you sad that she’s unlikely to write another Regency romance, on account of her having died in 1974? Well, I have exciting news: Stella Riley’s The Parfit Knight; honestly, it’s as good as Georgette. I read all five books in the series back to back on the way to work and loved them all. I finished the last one while actually walking over London Bridge, because I couldn’t put it down. Read it now. Thank me later.

Wow! I certainly never expected this!

Author: Stella Riley


9 thoughts on “The Rockliffe series was recommended in THE TIMES!”

  1. Let me echo Hilary Rose. I have read many romance novels over the years, but very few that I would pick up and read again. The great Georgette Heyer falls into that category for so many of us, I think, and your books do as well. That’s the test of a great story really – would you read it again? I discovered the Rockliffe series on Amazon, where a reviewer (Old Latin Teacher) gives your books great marks. I loved the whole series, and then went on to read your English Civil War books, which I have thoroughly enjoyed as well. While I have other favorites, it is hard to imagine a more perfect romance than The Parfit Knight. Such smart, compelling characters, and portrayed with so much emotional depth. You create not only lovely romantic couples, but also strong and loyal friendships throughout. That’s what keeps me coming back. And I can hardly wait for the next book. 🙂

    1. Thank you – so sorry, I don’t know your name! It’s always a particular pleasure to hear from readers who have enjoyed the R&C series as well as Rockliffe. As you’re probably aware, I’ve been concentrating more on Rock & Co recently – book six, Cadenza, is almost completely written, though as always there will be a lot of editing required so it’s hard to predict a release date. My new hero, Julian Langham, is a harpsichord virtuoso. If you haven’t already found it, go to the Extras page for Jean Rondeau’s brilliant performance of one of Julian’s favourite pieces. And many thanks for all your kind comments.

      1. I will definitely check the Extras page. I love Baroque music. I teach the 17th and 18th centuries in my French classes. Just about to teach a course on classic French fairy tales, where I try to evoke the court through images, art, music, too. Your French characters are wonderful, too, by the way. And I love all the tie-ins to France. 🙂
        – Lisa

  2. What Hilary Rose said is true ,they are terrific books and I read them all one after the other in about 3 days . Loved them and hope that there will be some more , because she is a very inventive writer . Also loved the civil war novels , which I have now read and hope to have some more to read . Please do keep on writing.

  3. that’s all very well and good but when is your next book arriving on our shelves!

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