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  1. Hello Stella, I did not receive a code yet. I believe I was third to claim one..U.S. Audible. Have you sent them all? I know one communication indicated a site was down so I waited to ask. Thank you! Kathleen Wright

    1. I suspect that there may have been a fault on my system when I sent the codes out. And since I did all of them at the same time, if 3 of you didn’t get them, no one did. I’m attempting to re-send to you, Kathleen. Fingers crossed.

  2. Hi Ms Riley, I did not receive an email. I did checked spam already. Perhaps I need to sign up for a word press account? Or I could send a message to your fb Books page? Please let me know how you’d like me to proceed.

    1. Sarah, I’ve just replied to your email saying you didn’t receive the original one – and that has failed saying your email address wasn’t recognised so the mail couldn’t be sent. Since this didn’t happen the first time, I don’t really understand what’s going on. Have you another email address you can use? Or you could ‘friend’ me on FB and I could send you a code through Messager. Not sure what else to suggest.

      1. Hi, I didn’t receive the code either. I will follow you on Facebook and maybe we could use messenger as well.
        Thank you,

  3. Never mind! I have just used this month’s credit on it.
    Is there any news about audio versions of the rest of the Civil War series?
    Best wishes,

    1. Alex is fairly tied up for the next few months, Amanda, but we have had some discussion about Garland of Straw and will begin trying to schedule dates for recording soon.

      1. Excellent!
        I am listening to Trick of Fate as I write and am enjoying it immensely.

        1. Thank you, Amanda – and thanks for using one of your credits on it. I was about to offer you one of the other audios instead but you say you have them all! Hope Trick continues to please.

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