And hot off the press today … a B.R.A.G. Medallion for UNDER A DARK MOON

Within twenty minutes of bidding his friends good night and leaving the tavern, Adam Brandon became aware that he was being followed.  This was annoying on several counts. He had no idea who would go to the trouble of setting a tail on him or why they would since, just at the moment, he didn’t imagine he could be of any particular interest to anyone.  Admittedly, that wasn’t always true … but right now it was.  Then there was the possibility that this wasn’t the first time someone had dogged his steps; that it had happened before and he hadn’t noticed.  That pricked his pride.  He’d thought himself better than that.

He continued on his way without altering his pace. He considered luring the tail into a dark alley where he could be grabbed, pinned to a wall and questioned. It wouldn’t be very difficult.  On the other hand, it might be premature. There was a chance, however small, that he was merely being followed by the only footpad in Paris stupid enough to tackle an armed man for the sake of a few coins.  And that being so, the sensible course was to simply stroll onwards, taking a few sudden detours, to see if the fellow stuck with him.

He did … and was still there when Adam reached his lodgings on the Rue des Minimes. With a brief nod for the concierge, he ran swiftly upstairs to the nearest window and was just in time to see his follower raise a hand as if signalling to someone before melting into the shadows on the far side of the street.

Not a footpad, thought Adam with a sort of amused grimness. And not alone.  What, then?  And why?  What possible reason could anyone have for wanting to know my every move?  But whoever it is, they’re making a mistake because now I’ll have to do something about it.  And that’s just tiresome.  

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Author: Stella Riley


6 thoughts on “And hot off the press today … a B.R.A.G. Medallion for UNDER A DARK MOON”

  1. Congratulations! You are on a roll. “Under a Dark Moon” is another worthy award winner. It has something for everyone and is such an enjoyable read. One question, where can I obtain a copy of Leo’s portrait of Adam? I would even face the cheese grater for one!

    1. Alas, Marianne! No copies of Leo Brandon’s work seem to be available anywhere. As best I can discover, all his portraits remain jealously guarded in private hands. I sincerely sympathise with you because, as a lady prepared to brave the dreaded cheese grater, if anyone deserves a copy of the Adam portrait, you do. And I’d rather like one myself. I could then (as one reviewer suggested) use Leo’s work as the cover-art for my books instead of the terrible ones I am using. (I hope this remark was tongue-in-cheek!) On a serious note, thanks for enjoying Dark Moon and for your congratulations. Always appreciated.

  2. And why not? Because Alex is still rather busy, Adam’s story is only slowly gaining momentum and a Brag Medallion will give it
    some impetus. And it is definitely worth it! And I do like reading for myself.

    1. Thank you, Amanda! Submitting Dark Moon for consideration so soon after submitting Mesalliance was a spur of the moment and possibly questionable decision – but I’m happy with the result.

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