Now available from Amazon, hardback editions of The Parfit Knight, The Mesalliance and The Player … also A Splendid Defiance. I shall gradually be adding the rest of the Rockliffe series, A Trick of Fate, Under A Dark Moon and The Marigold Chain to this list.

The opportunity to create hard cover books is a new thing at Amazon and still in its trial period. Consequently, for the time being at least, books containing more than 500 pages – such as my Roundheads & Cavaliers series – are excluded from it. But I’m very pleased with the quality and finish of the four titles I’ve done so far.

Author: Stella Riley


8 thoughts on “NEW IN HARDBACK …”

  1. I’ve read A Splendid Defiance on my Kindle. But it would be lovely to hold the book…and smell it lol
    Can’t wait to get it!

    1. Thank you, Cherry. The hardback editions are laminated covers (rather than ones with a dust jacket) but I’m honestly delighted with the quality.

  2. Are they available now? I have just looked on Amazon and could only see “The Mésalliance” listed as available in hardback.

    1. Hi Paddy – yes, all 4 titles are available in hard cover. I think what’s fooling you is that (for what reason I can’t guess!) Amazon lay out the book sales information in different ways. I’ve just been on Amazon UK and for The Mesalliance, it clearly lists Kindle, Audiobook and Hard Cover in bold type with paperback at the bottom under ‘other formats’. But move on to The Player and it’s Kindle, Audiobook and Paperback – with the Hard Cover tucked away in ‘other formats’. The same is true of The Parfit Knight and A Splendid Defiance. Hope that helps!

  3. It will be lovely to give these books to friends and family.Such a splendid idea.

    1. Thanks, Alison – glad you think so! It’s been a bit of a worry because, unlike the paperbacks, I haven’t been able to get a proof copy of the hardbacks and have had to publish in order to see the finished article. This is risky, in my opinion – but all has worked out well. The copies are sturdy and the finish is good.

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