For those who have asked … the paperback of MIDWINTER MAGIC will be released on Dec 6th along with the e-book.

I have chosen to produce Midwinter Magic in the same 6 x 9 format as the previous Rockliffe books so that it will match when standing alongside them. Inevitably, this means that its 150 page spine looks very slender – but it is a novella and, in print, the cover art looks terrific!

Author: Stella Riley


16 thoughts on “For those who have asked … the paperback of MIDWINTER MAGIC will be released on Dec 6th along with the e-book.”

  1. Hi Stella

    I enjoyed the midwinter magic conclusion a lot. i am wanting to get the paperback to complete my set. where can I order it from?

    1. The Midwinter Magic audio has been at Audible for 2 weeks undergoing the usual quality checks. Audible never give authors a date of release so the first we know of it is when the audio goes on sale. Audible used to say 10 working days but now they’re saying 30 – possibly due to Covid but also perhaps to do with Audiblegate – the author/narrator scandal for which they are currently under attack. Sorry, Anne.

  2. Very excited about the paperback! It will be a nice edition to the others. I love the cover, looks lije many, if not all the characters are assembled tgere for a last hurrah before they leave the stage. Hiw i will miss them! I guess i will have to reread the others for my fix!

  3. I’ll just add that my immediate thought upon seeing this cover, was that’s Rosalind in the chair. Who the others are, I am having fun making that up, as well as what mischief they are doing! lol!

    1. Yes, Danielle, it is tempting to think the lady with her hands reaching towards the man’s face is Rosalind. I thought the same myself. As for what game they’re playing – I really have no idea. But whatever it is, they look as if they’re enjoying it.

      1. I tried in vain to find the comment from the person who called Elizabeth Marsden an “ice queen” and made the other comments about Max Brandon in a Trick of Fate. I jrecently listened to (again! lol) Cadenza and thought that person can’t possibly have read the same story LOL. Elizabeth- so warm and kind and steady, and Sherbourne, we get just a few glimpses of him but that story ends with great promise for the future of their marriage, especially with her ‘at the helm’ so to speak. And Max, in a Trick of Fate, is the very same strong and determined but kind and generous man as in Cadenza.

        1. Thanks for being on my side, Danielle – it’s much appreciated. Unfortunately, I long ago accepted that no one can please everyone all of the time. I write characters as I see them and mostly my view gets across to the reader. But for some people it doesn’t … resulting in those readers taking a dislike to this character or that one. And just occasionally there will be someone who is simply having a bad day and finds comfort in criticism. However, I love that you’re standing up for Lizzie and Ralph and Max. They all thank you!

  4. It’s wonderful! Very much looking forward to this (and also the stories to follow A Trick of Fate!).

    1. Brandon Brothers Two – Under a Dark Moon – is still (sadly) a work in progress. What with everything that has been going on in the world these last months, I have found writing unusually difficult. But I persevere and tell myself it will be finished when it’s finished and all will be worthwhile.

      1. Certainly we should have no expectations, and take whatever your marvelous pen shall gift us, with gratitude!

  5. This is such a beautiful cover! I believe I shall treat myself to the entire series on paperback to add to my ebook and audiobook collection ! 🙂

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