8 thoughts on “Cover Reveal! A brand new look for THE KING’S FALCON.”

  1. I am in the middle of reading Falcon for the first time, I love this new cover! It really is a wonderful,
    absorbing read.

    1. Thank you! So glad you’re enjoying it. Regarding the cover … getting something suitable for the R&C books is extremely difficult but I love this one!

  2. Love the cover of this book she just captures your attention cannot wait until it’s on Audible, and as one of the previous ladies have said, I also have to listen to your stories. I have to say that when I discovered your books on Audible I have ‘gobbled’ them up listening to all of them twice. Such a pleasure to listen to beautiful stories and learn History in the bargain as in the Roundheads and Cavaliers books. So glad you have Alex Wyndam as your narrator , he is brilliant , a very talented actor.

    1. Thank you so much, Susan – so pleased you’ve been enjoying both the books and also Alex’s performance of them. As I’ve said previously, we hope to complete the R&C series in audio in the fullness of time but can’t be more definite than that as yet.

  3. HI, Stella—I really like the new cover a lot! Am hoping this is a precursor to an audio recording. I have read and reread every one of your books, but as I age, I find audio recordings a bit easier …especially with Alex Wyndham’s wonderful voice acting.

    Any news on that front?

    1. Hi Diane – so glad you like the new Falcon cover and that you enjoy listening to Alex. Yes, we do plan to complete the R&C series in audio in due course but a great deal depends on Alex’s schedule. I would hope it might be possible to move on to The King’s Falcon some time in the New Year – but it’s in the lap of the Gods at present.

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