20 thoughts on “GARLAND OF STRAW now in Audio!”

  1. Yet another great reading! It couldn’t have arrived at a better time for me – it saw me through the hottest night of the year when sleep was impossible, so that the hours of darkness were not as oppressive and miserable as I was expecting and, as the thunder again bounces around the horizon, there is enough left for tonight!
    Are The Lords of Misrule and the King’s Falcon on the way?

    1. So pleased you’re enjoying Garland, Amanda and that it helped pass a long night. We will be doing Falcon and Misrule in the fullness of time but no recording dates have been set yet.

  2. Good. I’ve been looking forward to it. I don’t want to pile too much work on you or the incomparable Alex Wyndham, but dare I hope the other two books in the series will be made in to audiobooks too? It certainly makes tedious household chores slide past more easily if I can distract myself with a great history novel delivered in a golden voice. Thankyou

    1. Thank you, Paddy. Alex and I do hope to do the other 2 titles in the R&C series presently but haven’t set dates for The King’s Falcon yet – partly because he has something else of mine to do before then but also because his schedule is becoming very busy.

      1. I’m sure I will. Alex is a good reader and Garland of Straw a wonderful book.

        Any chance to add Whispersync for voice, as was the case for The Black Madonna? it makes it so much easier to switch from text to voice and back (or indeed, use both at the same time)

        1. It’s Audible/Amazon who add Whispersync, Sophie. I can’t do it. Sometimes this happens quickly, sometimes it takes weeks. If you want to speed the process up, you could try contacting Audible. I suspect customers hold more sway there than mere authors.

          1. Hi Stella!

            I followed your advice and had a long conversation with a rather incoherent chap who said he didn’t know. I asked him to give me the contact of someone who would know. His answer to that was:

            “As much as we love to provide you any information when does the Whispersync for Voice feature will available, you may contact the author of the book since they have the authorisation if they want to enable the Whispersync for Voice feature or sync the audio and kindle version of the book.”

            It makes no sense. Normally books come out with Whispersync immediately available – that was certainly the case with The Black Madonna. Very odd.

          2. This is simply not true, Sophie. I did not request whispersync for Madonna – it just happened automatically and very quickly. But I’ll contact Audible. It will be interesting to see what they say to me!

          3. Sophie … here’s a definitive answer for you. Whispersync is added automatically by ACX (the Amazon platform where audios are created) when the audio has been released – but the process can take up to 30 days. If it hasn’t happened by then, it’s up to the author (me) to jog ACX’s memory. Whoever you spoke to at Audible was bluffing.

          4. That’s good news Stella! thanks for finding out.

            I don’t think their customer service is programmed to answer such questions. They’re pretty robotic.

  3. Garland available on Audible.co.au. I’m several chapters in, already. Regards, Margo

  4. Hello Stella – So happy to read this! I improve my health by walking (brisk, two miles daily) listening to your audiobooks. You’ve written terrifically compelling stories, and Alex Wyndham has simply spoiled me for other audiobooks. It’s a great motivator to get out and walk, and a very pleasant way to leave work and now pandemic cares behind for part of my day. Garland of Straw is one of my favorites in the series. We can only hope Lords of Misrule will be next. 🙂 – Lisa

    1. Thank you, Lisa. So glad you enjoy Alex and my characters’ stories on your walk. We’ll be doing The King’s Falcon in due course but no dates for recording have been set yet. Watch this space!

  5. Wonderful. Have been waiting for this to come to Audio. These books have been such a wonderful experience and look forward to listening to them all over again. Thank You, Stella Riley!

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