7 thoughts on “* * * HAPPY NEW YEAR – 2022! * * *”

  1. I discovered your Georgian books during the pandemic and they helped me get through that parlous time. I now look forward to reading the rest of your works. Visiting the worlds you have created is definitely something I look forward to in 2022. Sending my thanks and wishes for a happy, healthy New Year.

  2. Happy New Year to you, too, Stella. Thanks for the great card. I would love to have been at that ball for new year’s eve, looks they are having a “ball”.
    Patiently waiting for your next book….rereading the others until then….. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jane – and all the best to you, too. Brandon 3 (Leo) is almost finished and should be along fairly soon. The last year has been a bit of a struggle!

  3. Happy New, I would love to go to a party like the one in the email, so elegant.
    Great news about Alex Wyndham narrating the cavaliers/ roundheads book, only one to go and I can listen to them from start to finish, I have a large hand sewn quilt to finish this year and your books keep me company when sewing.

    1. Yes, it looks fun, doesn’t it? I’m certainly looking forward to hearing the first batch of Falcon which, because of its length, it will come to me in 3 roughly 7 hour chunks! The first is due around the third week of January – so I’ll post more news then.

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