10 thoughts on “Huzzah for Adam & Camilla!”

  1. Brilliant books, have now read all three several times, also your roundheads and cavaliers, plus the Rockliffe series please can we have more books from you.I love your writing and the stories you give us. You have made me read more about history and music.Thank you for introducing me to Rameau,I now got a passion for his music.Thank you so much for so many hours of reading

    1. Thanks, Maggie – so glad you’ve enjoyed my work. I was interested to hear you particularly like Rameau’s music – he usually gets overlooked in favour of Bach or Scarlatti. I went to a Jean Rondeau concert in London a few days ago – he was playing a new programme containing works by Mozart, Haydn and, of all things, Beethoven. But he’s still very Julian-like – this time he even paused between pieces to talk to the audience.

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