22 thoughts on “A new look for Eden & Lydia”

  1. I was surprised this cover had been changed as I loved ALL the covers on your books and this is just as nice,I do a lot of needlework and make bobbin lace so theses periods interest me for the clothing. I am hoping this book will soon become an Audio book read by Alex Wyndham it will complete the series, I recently made a king sized quilt while listening to the Rockcliffe series.

    1. The old Misrule cover didn’t fit in with the newer ones for Madonna, Garland and Falcon, Susan. The king size quilt sounds quite an achievement – I’m sure Rock would be impressed!

      1. Made my day that there is another book on its way,is it likely to be out by september I go on holiday then, Tuscany, sat by the pool,tea and a stella riley book ,Perfect!!

  2. Ms Riley, I have read most of your books: The Rockliffe series, Brandon Brother’s series, Marigold Chain, Splendid Defiance and Garland of Straw. But I do not see the Shadow Earl amongst your repertoire. Is this a new book or a character in a previously published work? Or something up and coming?
    BTW, I am liking a great deal your new cover for the Lords of Misrule. it reminded me that I have yet to read that work.

    1. I’m glad you like the new Misrule cover, Mary. As for The Shadow Earl – yes, it’s a new title. It’s in the final stage of production – currently being proof-read and the photo shoot for the cover will be done on Friday. I expect to put it on pre-order by the end of this month.

      1. Oh goodie! I love Alex Wyndham’s narration of your fantastic books. I hope he continues . . .

  3. Really attractive and gives a good impression of what the contents will be about.

      1. Yes. Cover looks good. Still waiting for it to be on Audible. Hopefully with Alex Wyndham reading it. Love your stories.

        1. As I said to someone earlier, Penelope, it will be in audio eventually but I’ll want The Shadow Earl recorded first and will be talking to Alex about that during the course of this week.

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