MIDWINTER MAGIC a Rockliffe Christmas novella

Reduced on Amazon until December 30th. E-book, £1.95 and $2.99, paperback £5.95 and $7.95.

This is an Epilogue to the Rockliffe series, not a Prologue and was written in response to the many readers who asked for a particular loose end to be tied up – so, to get the most out of it, it’s best to read the other books first.

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Author: Stella Riley


4 thoughts on “MIDWINTER MAGIC a Rockliffe Christmas novella”

  1. A wonderful ending to an amazing series.
    The love story between Julian and the children is the most heart warming and my favorite.
    Thank you Stella Riley!!!!

  2. Reading this right now, for the second time. One of the most heartwarming Christmas books ever!

    1. Thank you, Karen. I wrote it because I was so often asked to give Rosalind her sight back and, aside from that being tricky in itself, it wasn’t something to be squashed in to any of the later Rockliffe titles. Everything else in Midwinter Magic was just for fun.

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