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  1. Ms. Riley,
    I have been contemplating this message for some time now and finally decided to send this message. Let me first start by saying that I listened to the Parfit Knight out or sheer boredom. I was waiting on my daughter to finish a tutoring session and wanted something new to listen to. I found the storyline intriguing and after chapter 1 I was hooked and have enjoyed every single book since then in the Rockcliffe series. Nevertheless, my favorite books are those surrounding the English Civil War including those that are connected in a series and those that are not. I have listened to them all at least three or four times and I honestly cannot tell you which I enjoyed the most. I finished reading the last two books of the Roundheads and Cavalier series and enjoyed them as well. I am anticipating the release of these two audiobooks immensely. I check your webpage and blog at least three of four times a month looking for a release date. When I need a good listen, full of history and a well written romance with substance, I go to these audiobooks. The narrations are wonderful and the stories are so rich and well written that I find something new every time. Thank you for providing wonderful stories! I have not read or listened to any I have not enjoyed. My only wish is that you had more books for me to listen to or read. I am open to any suggestions you would have on books you find interesting and well done while I wait for your new books…:-)

    1. Never hesitate to get in touch with a writer, Carman – it’s hearing from satisfied readers that keeps us going! Thank you so much for your very kind comments – I’m delighted that you’ve enjoyed the Civil War books as well as Rock & Co. You will be pleased to hear that during the course of the last week, we have finally set dates for the audiobook of The King’s Falcon. Alex will begin recording in January and hopefully finish in the latter part of February. This means that, all being well, the audio should be available in March. (I’ll be making the announcement here later today or tomorrow.) I have almost finished writing the third Brandon Brothers book – Leo’s story. I really must make a final decision about the title of it! As for recommendations … if you enjoy listening to Alex Wyndham, you will also probably like Nicholas Boulton. He has narrated all Laura Kinsale’s books and I’ve enjoyed nearly all her work immensely. I particular recommend Seize the Fire, Flowers from the Storm and The Prince of Midnight. Hope this helps!

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