THE BLACK MADONNA A sweeping tale of passion, intrigue and revenge.

As England slides into Civil War, master-goldsmith Luciano Falcieri del Santi – magnetic, beautiful and diabolically clever – embarks on his own hidden agenda …

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Author: Stella Riley


2 thoughts on “THE BLACK MADONNA A sweeping tale of passion, intrigue and revenge.”

  1. I do love this book, it’s a real go to book for me to read over and over again. Why did Felicity and Viola’s names change in later novels?

    1. Thank you, Melanie. To answer your questions, Viola’s name didn’t really change. She’d been christened Viola Mary but after Celia left, the family dropped Viola in favour of Mary.
      But yes, I did change Felix and Felicity to Toby and Tabitha when I was re-publishing Madonna and Garland independently and preparing to add new titles to the series. I did it because, at that stage, I didn’t know what Felix/Toby character’s future might be but wasn’t convinced I’d be happy with a leading male called Felix. Hope this makes sense!

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