Are you ready to meet Christian Selwyn, Lord Hazelmere? The earl who vanished, made a dramatic reappearance three years later … and returned a changed man. A man with secrets.

The e-book is available to pre-order at Amazon, Kobo and Barnes & Noble for release on July 15th.

The hardback and paperback editions will also become available around the same time – check here for the latest information.

And the audiobook, narrated by Alex Wyndham, will follow soon after – hopefully, in early August.

Author: Stella Riley


8 thoughts on “THE SHADOW EARL”

  1. Looking forward to your new book,Stella.Have re read nearly all your books over the last twelve months, love them.

  2. Pre ordered once you posted a couple of weeks age,it’s a Stella Riley book,sure to be totally brilliant. Have been waiting ages for a new one,read all the others several times.

    1. Thanks, Maggie. This one has been somewhat delayed due to a shoulder injury which meant I couldn’t type for a while – otherwise it would have been out at the end of March. Hope you enjoy it.

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