Christian’s story was released yesterday and reached number 3 in the Amazon UK historical romances best seller lists. If you’ve already read it, please leave a comment here telling me what you thought of it. Better still, leave a brief review on Amazon. It doesn’t have to be much. Four words such as, “I really enjoyed it” will do – and you have my thanks in advance.

The paperback will be released very soon and Alex is currently recording the audiobook.

Author: Stella Riley


25 thoughts on “THE SHADOW EARL”

  1. This book was lovely. The characters treated each other with honesty and care, and it showed both the trauma and the healing that Christian went through. I love it when characters show emotional maturity, and I feel like that is a hallmark of your books from Chloe and Alex on.

    1. Thank you so much, Maureen! Your comments are very much appreciated – particularly as I’ve received some criticism for the very aspects of the book that you consider its strengths. If you could post your remarks in a brief review at either Amazon or Goodreads, I’d be most grateful.

  2. I really enjoyed the book. I am a sucker for stories about men who are loyal friends, forming almost familial bonds between themselves and later, incorporating spouses and children into that supportive network. It’s a significant part of the plots you build, and I think it helps the secondary characters come to life.

    I did note one tiny oops — the wedding day drive in Regent’s Park, well before the Regency and the park.

    The swimming lesson with Kit and Sophie amused me. I grew up in farm country, and my male classmates could swim. They had great shoulders from throwing bales, and little or no excess fat. They weren’t floaters. Even my cousins, who were on the swim team, sank like stones. My uncle, a professor of kinesiology, said it was because they had little or no subcutaneous fat and a lot of muscle density. I picture Kit’s hands, out of sight, sculling frantically under his hips so he can keep “floating,” even though I know that not all guys are sinkers. Thank you for reviving those memories.

    Such a satisfying read. I hope you continue to enjoy writing, since I enjoy reading and rereading your books!

    1. Aaaagh! I can’t believe I made such a stupid mistake and that it continued to get past – not just me – but 6 Beta readers and umpteen stages of proof-reading by myself and two others. Well spotted, Barbara.

      1. Well, I’ve seen worse — much, much worse — sadly. I think it is easier to trip over things we take for granted. So far, the toughest research I have found relates to plants, particularly invasive or imported plants. We take landscape for granted sometimes.

  3. Cannot wait for the paperback to be released. I enjoy all your books and read them over and over again, each time discovering something new. Thank you for your creative effort – and for the gift of a new character for your readers to enjoy.

  4. I’m really enjoying The Shadow Earl. I love the way you’ve mentioned characters from previous books, and they seem to seamlessly fit with the story but also given us new characters to explore. Can’t wait for the audiobook. Looking forward to the next one in the series!

    1. So glad you’re enjoying it, Wendy – perhaps you might post a brief review? So few readers bother to do this these days. As for the audio, Alex is currently recording it and I’m looking forward to reviewing it soon.

  5. 2/3rds of the way through, just back from lunch out, now settling down to read more! Brilliant so far and so good to see some old favourite characters popping up. Love how the friends support Christian,and as for the duel would love to have been there, what to say about the mother and sister,sophia I am sure would like to tie and gag them! Looking forward to the denouement, love you books.

  6. I always enjoy your books Stella and this was no exception I couldn’t put it down! I have read all your books and now eagerly awaiting your next novel. Can’t wait!

  7. Bought this book rather than borrow but have not read yet saving for holiday in september but I know it will be good,will add audio when available for winter listening.

  8. I loved your book, I read it in a day, couldn’t put it down. I’ve got my 5* review to write. Loved the characters particularly Christian and Sophia. I also enjoyed the way characters (from the other books set at this time) popped up.
    Can’t wait for your next book!

  9. Just purchased but saving it for holiday next week! Will definitely review when read – so looking forward to a new one of yours!

  10. Posted on Amazon:
    The Shadow Earl is Christian, Lord Hazelmere who disappeared on his Grand Tour. After an absence of five years he is found by friends and returns home but his experiences have obviously been traumatic. The novel gradually reveals what happened and what he proposes to do about it.
    It is set, as with many of Stella Riley’s books in the London of the 1780s, and although most of the characters are new, characters from previous novels have walk on parts and I enjoyed meeting them again. The main characters, though, are Christian and the girl he left behind and how they deal both with Christian’s absence and the dire effects it has had on him. The result is a very satisfactory thriller.
    As with all Stella Riley’s books, the historical setting is accurate and convincing without being obtrusive.
    I loved it.

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