VENICE in Leo’s footsteps

Across the Grand Canal towards the church tower of Santa Maria Gloriosa – the first church where Leo will take Mariella to see paintings by Titian.

Titian’s monument in Santa Maria Gloriosa where he was buried. He died in the great Venetian plague epidemic of 1576 and was the only plague victim to be allowed a church burial. This massive marble monument wasn’t there in Leo’s day. It was installed in 1852.
The Assumption” by Titian hangs above the altar of Santa Maria Gloriosa. It’s considered one of his finest works. The church also boasts his “Madonna Ca’ Pesaro” as well as works by Donatello and Bellini.
View from the bridge at Academia (not there in Leo’s time) to Santa Maria Salute on the opposite side of the Grand Canal to Piazza San Marco.
One of the many smaller canals where Leo and Mariella could explore Venice by gondola.
Gliding down to Rialto by gondola. In Leo’s day, this was the only bridge across the Grand Canal.
The Basilica of San Marco and the Campanile. The bell-tower was first built in the 10th century but re-built many times – mostly due to lightning strikes. By the time of Leo and Mariella’s visit, a lightning rod had finally been installed and the tower was a popular place from which to view the city.
The Doge’s palace where Casanova was imprisoned. And atop the two columns, the lions of Saint Mark between which one enters the city from the water.
San Giorgio Maggiore – the view from Leo and Mariella’s hotel balcony which they enjoyed at sunset.

Author: Stella Riley


8 thoughts on “VENICE in Leo’s footsteps”

  1. Hello – I am nearly 91 and I am new to learning how to blog

    My favourite is the Black Madonna and Cadenza

    Please let me know when further books are coming out

    1. Congratulations on learning how to blog, Mary – and thank you for using your new skills to follow me. I am working on a new book but it is far from finished as yet. While you wait, you might like to subscribe to my monthly Newsletter – there’s an easy sign up box on the right-hand side of most pages here at the website. And the audiobook of The Montesoro Legacy will be available very soon – I am currently in the process of reviewing it.

  2. Thanks for those gorgeous photos of Venice. One of my all time favorite places. So beautiful, unusual and a bit mysterious, but also very romantic. A perfect place for Leo and Mariella’s wedding trip and a fitting end to the story.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the photos, Jane. As you can probably tell, we used this trip for a bit of a Titian trail – seeing places Leo showed Mariella but that we hadn’t previously visited. We even found where Titian lived though the house was re-built in the 18th century.

  3. I have just finished the book this morning and really loved it. I am however sad that the Brandon brothers trilogy has come to an end as I so want more of them and all the others in the wider Rockliffe world.
    Venice is such an amazing and absolutely unique city and you evoked it so well. I would love to go back there. Enjoy your stay.

    1. Thanks, Kate. I’m delighted that you enjoyed Leo and Mariella’s story – as much as we enjoyed the place where the story ended. As for what next … I have some ideas but am still cogitating.

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