“A tale of war and witchcraft … plots and playhouses … love and loyalty.”

“Magnificent narration for an historical novel that is exciting, vivid, sensuous, and touching. What a remarkable experience!”     Audible 5 star review

The King’s Falcon  follows the Cavaliers’ last crusade and poverty-stricken exile whilst taking us behind the scenes in the playhouse. There is danger, intrigue, romance … and more than one glimpse into darkness.

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Author: Stella Riley


2 thoughts on “THE KING’S FALCON Audiobook”

  1. I am in the middle of the King’s Falcon audio book. I have read the entire series of roundhead/ cavalier books and enjoyed them so very much. You bring historical events alive. and the audio books are quite quite wonderful. I try and dole out just an hour or two at a time but constantly fail. I only found that the King’s falcon was available as an audiobook by checking on your blog or website. I will put a review on Audible and Amazon but I was very disappointed that there was no announcement of your book from Audible which constantly sends me notices of lesser books and notices of new books by authors I have already purchased. Given the popularity of the Rockliffe series I would have thought they would have given more support to this book.

    Thank you for writing such great books on this period in English history. The details are so intriguing and the scenes are so vivid. I have spent many hours following up on historical events you have referred to from battles to intrigue to the rowdy political events. The very best of historical fiction. I do hope Lords of Misrule will come soon.

    1. Thank you so much, Lisa – I’m delighted that you’re enjoying both Falcon and Alex’s performance of it. (And a review would be wonderful!) As for Audible, they are a law unto themselves. I can’t explain why there was no alert – except that, on this occasion, the audiobook was released at warp speed and came out 24 hours after it had been submitted.
      Re Lords of Misrule, we will be doing that in due course but first it needs a new cover. And Alex’s next job for me will be The Montesoro Legacy – hopefully during the summer.

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