With incredible – one might even say magical – timing, the audiobook of Midwinter Magic was released at 23.22 hours on Christmas Eve. Buy it now from Audible.


Author: Stella Riley


5 thoughts on “MIDWINTER MAGIC … in Audio”

  1. I am reading that Midsummer madness is out in December in paperback buy Amazon has never heard of it.

  2. How exciting to find The audio version if Midwinter Magic is now available!
    Dowloaded it from Audible straight away and can’t wait to start listening to it! What a treat fir the hokidays! Thanks!

    1. I’d given up hope of the Midwinter audio coming out before Christmas, Jane – so you can imagine my shock when I got notification of its release about half an hour before midnight on Christmas Eve! I think Alex has done a very good job with it – so hope you enjoy it.

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